Sunday, March 02, 2008


Lately I've been browsing pictures of *ahem* undressed ladies...

1. Edison scandal.
This website has has loads of pictures of the related starlets (Bobo, Cecilia, Gillian, etc)!
BUT you'll have to download them before you get to see them. LOL~
and yes, I downloaded them. ROFL. Gillian's still soooo pretty in the pics!
Not only that, the website has loads of updates on the whole scandal,
like how Nicholas Tse's marriage with Cecilia has gone down the rocks due to the scandal,
Gillian's loss of commercial ad contracts,
and also speculations that Edison himself leaked the pictures to get himself famous! -_-''

2. Lindsay Lohan.
I didn't know that Lindsay Lohan was going naked, wait, she wasn't really naked, she was just topless, she still had her panties on. LOL...
till I read about it in my friends' blog. Being curious, I clicked the link expecting to see a nice hot body of Lindsay Lohan..
SADLY after viewing the 14 pictures available in the website, I was shocked..
Her boobies make her looks like she's lactating..LOL~
Maybe I'm wrong about that, so u be the judge ;p

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