Sunday, March 02, 2008

Red Line

Red line is a BAD movie.

Trust me, it's one movie who's scriptwriter sucks to the max,
and to make matters worse the actors in it are equally BAD!!!

Though there are loads of nice cars and skimpy dressed girls,
it can be kinda torturous to sit for the whole movie because it's just a plain bad movie.
I got a feeling like I'm watching some sort of low budget movie due to he bad script.
It's like those olden days Malaysian drama where the acting is "kayu" or PLAIN BAD!

And to make matters worse, the movie is actually screened in US almost a year ago. = =
I wonder why it's even screened in Malaysia now...
I should have googled the movie before even going in to watch it.
But it's too late for that, I wasted RM 11 for that crappy movie.
SO..ppl, DON'T watch the movie for the following reasons:

  1. The plot is sooo cheesy..
  2. Acting sucks...
  3. No gorgeous babes (skimpily dressed girls do NOT equal gorgeous babes; and if you wanna see skimpy dressed babes, might as well watch MTVs with naked girls on YouTube....meh)
  4. No hunky guys (BIG disappointment)
  5. Did I mention the movie is a bore?

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