Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm soooo excited today..

I went to PC fair at KLCC today with carrots.
And guess what,

I got a laptop skin!!!
I have actually wanted to get a laptop skin ever since carrots said that my laptop looks old,
and ever since I saw the wonderful designs of laptop skins online.
And, opportunity dropped right in front of me when carrots and I decided to go to the PC fair.

Thus, wenyi got herself a laptop skin for rm30, which came along with a free "wrist" pad.

wenyi's laptop~~ *woot*

a closer look of the design. (sorry for the poor quality of picture, it's taken with my vga camera phone..*sobs*)
the inner side of the laptop before and after pasting the "wrist" pad~

While walking around, we saw portable speakers on sale. Unfortunately for me, my desire for a portable speaker proved too strong to conquer. Thus, I came back with one from sonic gear which costs rm 69 (along with a free adapter)

And back at home, I got a surprise awaiting me! Free TWO gsc movie tickets, which I won when I took part in their contest. And I submitted one for carrots too, and he won as well. So in total, we have 4 tickets! Meaning 2 extra movies to catch~ Yeah~~~

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