Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I can draw~ No?

It was a busy week in IMU,
we had activities going around in the Atrium almost on a daily basis.
(the Atrium is actually a really big concourse area on the ground floor, and it's something like the center court of MidValley, only smaller. I mean a LOT smaller ;p)

We had a Dance Competition on Monday or was it Tuesday?
Anyways, about 7 groups participated, and most of them are really good =)
Watching a good live dance is always the best, especially when the sound surround is good =)
Not to mention the fact that there are BOTH pretty and hot girls to look at!
Pretty boys?? erm....sadly, IMU lacks male dancers...
Looking at them dance makes me wanna take part too,
maybe I should have joined when my friend asked me whether I wanted to take part. Meh...

Then, from Wednesday till Friday, was our Malaysian Studies project.
It was during this period, where IMU really looked like a SHOPPING MALL.

The fantastic center-piece decoration!!

The bright and colourful "kolam"~
an Indian feel area prepared by the deco pplwe even have a hallway filled with chinese paper lanterns~
plus, a "haunted house"
the whole event lasted for 3 days, and on day 1, I was in-charge of food!!

irene and i~

the borsch soup we prepared, I think we sold about 100 of them!!!and we even had a few students drawing calligraphy~
and on day 2, i was at the henna counter, collecting money. And secretly drew for some ppl. hehe;p
and i accidently smeared what i drew = =
and since the theme was the malay and indian culture, i wore my mum's baju kurung~
and so the girls took pic at the malay wedding like set-up~
day 3, i was in the indian dance, and i was around drawing henna for ppl too~
me in the indian dance, can't see me?
well, double check, i'm IN the pic for sure~
and this pic is soo nice, I had to grab it from our photographer Jacqueline ;pohh, and i got this henna done by chinyik~
and I got soo addicted to drawing henna, that I went back home and did this to my brother and my dad~
cool eh? though the "henna-tattoo" isn't THAT perfect, a bit senget but hey, I'm a beginner, cut me some lack will ya? ;p

after looking at all the nice pictures my friends took of the event,
I felt like going to get myself a really nice camera..

but if I do, there goes my initial plan of going to Scotland to get the 5.0mp cellphone which comes along with a line subscription... mehhhhh...

p.s - i am so used to using the word - meh. that some ppl have called me a goat. MEH.

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youzhuan said...

we had so much fun then...

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