Sunday, April 27, 2008

SRC politics~

It's been some time since I've blogged. It's most likely due to the fact that I lacked the motivation to do so.
BUT today, I am SOOOOOOO motivated to blog about something that's extremely interesting; and it's happening RIGHT here in IMU, Bkt Jalil Campus.

Well, to start off, it'll be fair for me explain what SRC is.
SRC = Student Representation Council of IMU students.
i.e they represent the students of IMU.

My housemate, Cucu, is one of the THREE candidates running for the position of SRC treasurer.

I have faith in her not only because I know her personally, but also due to the fact that I've seen her do a great job during my batch's Malaysian Studies Project. She was the Director of the project, and she pulled off the great job. Now I shall not dwell on this subject for too long, as it will seem that I'm being biased.

The other two candidates are D and E. D is a rather ambitious person, and came up with the idea of IMU xtra; meaning that IMU students can use their student ID to get discounts. Well, the idea is catchy, and I do applaud him for having the guts to aim for something this big. But there are many factors which makes it highly unrealistic. (i'm sure you'll think of many)

Most of the shops mentioned in the IMU xtra, are shops nearby our university, namely in Sri Petaling. And D mentioned during Husting Day, that he HAS approached all the shops he listed down, and received VERBAL agreement. Thus, my friends have approached one of pharmacy listed, and asked whether there's such a thing.
Guess what?
The lady told us that ALL their items in their shop are already discounted for students.
Well, we were disappointed, but I guess it's maybe the deal didn't seem profitable to the pharmacy after all.
(Husting Day is a day where the canditates give their speech and gets interrogated by the current SRC members.)

Best of all, during Husting Day. One of the current SRC member,A asked D two questions which went something like this...

A: Since that you've already gotten verbal agreement on the discounts by the shop, although you're not currently the treasurer. Would you tell me
WHY do you have to be a treasurer to get IMU xtra, and
WHAT would happen to your IMU xtra plans is you do not get the post of treasurer?

D: If I do not become the treasurer, the PLANS will NOT BE IMPLEMENTED.

Now, I guess that everyone who was present and listening to Husting Day, were shocked by the somewhat immature answer, because the whole floor went silent right after D said this.
I myself was unprepared for such a response, and the thoughts running in my head went like,
Oh My Gawd..
how can he even say this?
Isn't this a little too much?
Shouldn't he have said it's okay to share?

As my thoughts were running, D continues, by saying something about it's because if he were treasurer he would get more rights to implement the plans and a lot more else which I unfortunately missed.

NOW, I shall give the break down as why D reacted this way; in my own personal view.

A asked D the question,
D feels threatened by the question,
D lost his cool and was only thinking about pulling votes.
So he "threatened" voters to vote for him IF NOT....

Yup, that's my point of view. And since his first thought that came into mind was "threatening", it only comes to prove how immature he is.

AND to make matters a little clearer, the FUNCTION of SRC treasurer is simply to take good care of their funds. i.e
to make sure every detail is noted in the account book,
to make sure the funds are distributed appropriately among the society and clubs in IMU,
and an additional task which is to be overlook the problems student have in the IMU cafe.

From the above, we can see how FAR D has deviated on his main jobscope. It's good for IMU student, no doubt about that, but I think it's something that requires the co-operation of ALL SRC members, and not a one-man show.

Well, this is not the only example of his immaturity, I picked this up from D's blog regarding an incident happening BEFORE Husting Day.

"As you all know, I'm running for Treasurer in my university. There is another 2 more candidates for the same post namely X and Y. This Y is suppose to be a trainee for the current treasurer Z.

So things happen like this.

Situation 1

Then came the voting day for this group of people WHICH included Y. Z and another guy was guarding the voting box. And the time came when Y and friends came to do voting. It's alright that they are voting. But..

They are like chatting in front of the voting box!! I was there observing this from afar for a while and till this extent I wanted to take a picture with my k800i on this and post it up everywhere!! But I didn't.

I went in front and asked him like this.

Me : Can candidates be near the voting box during voting time?
Z : No.
Me : Then why is she here?
Z : She is this batch and she is voting lar.
Me : So mean voting can be here and chat with other people at the voting box la? Mean I can also do so when my batch vote is it?
Z : She is voting there wad.
Y : Fine. I go now, OKAY?
( Took her bag and started to leave)
Z : She is here to do her voting and it's her batch today for voting!
Me : Ok ok whatever ( Stomped off and pissed)

Ok. I admit that I was over the board and confronted the problem like that. I went and apologized from them later that day. It's not even really my fault. I mean Z was like totally covering up for Y in that situation! I admit that I wasn't professional at that time because it's really unfair for us to have some situation like that to come up."

NOW, I was really amused when I read D's blog. Why amused?
Because Cucu which happens to be named as Y in his blog,
told me about the exact same incident.

Yes, it did happen like that, BUT with a SLIGHT difference.
Cucu was there because she wanted to ask Z a few questions regarding her tasks,
And what Cucu DID NOT say,
Y : Fine. I go now, OKAY?

She only said: Fine, I'll go now.
(only because she think that D was losing his temper and she didn't want to make things worse)

The word OKAY in that line just made her look arrogant.
If you know Cucu, you know she ISN't that kind of person.
She will NEVER raise her voice.
Giving people a wrong impression of what HAPPENED is not professional,

"I admit that I wasn't professional at that time because it's really unfair for us to have some situation like that to come up."

From his performance during Husting Day and this post.....
I'm glad D himself knows that he isn't PROFESSIONAL.

So, VOTE for CHIN YEONG as treasurer.

The funds will lay in good care,
account will be keyed in systematically,
every detail will be in,
every society will be in good care,
problem in IMU Cafe will be looked into,
and best of all,


Anonymous said...

well the sad thing is that most posts will probably go to the medic candidates simply because they will have more votes from the larger medic population....same theory as for us who will definitely vote for our own people.....

but on the other hand I'm not so sure his coursemates will give him full support if they heard him saying such a thing during the hustings. =)

then again, how many people actually go the hustings wor??


WenYi said...

exactly, that's why we must spread the word, and let people know the reality, and let them judge. lol~

weiluen said...

I have read both Dom's blog and your blog, and as another candidate I really shouldn't say much here. What I can say is I feel I know Chin Yeong and she is someone who deserve to get votes coz simple, she is a good person.

Dom. said...

dominic here.

first of all, I would like to clarify that I answered the question based on rationale. sorry to say that it's not some sort of threatening of any form. the truth is that I really have no plans to implement it if I failed. I just don't want to promise false stuff or things that are out of my hands. is it wrong for not giving u a 'vote pulling' answer??

next is..

so what are the highly unrealistic factors?? examples?

I believe that you don't really understand imu xtra. do you??

btw, she really did say OKAY fyi.

I believe that cy would do a good job if she gets the job and I don't deny that.

WenYi said...

Well, I've already mentioned in my blog that it's my point of view.

My point of view is not necessarily the public's point of view,
I was at there during Husting's, and I think I do understand IMU xtra, but of course not as well as you, as you are the person who came up with it.

If I hadn't understood it to the full length, my bad. Unrealistic factors,
1. Coffeebean
Coffeebean is a large company. I highly doubt they'll give us special privileges, unless it's only a certain outlet like MidValley. Why?

simply because the number of IMU students aren't as large as other universities. Larger number of students in a university = more market for the company. If the market is small, I doubt big companies would be interested.

2. Kamal Bookstore
IMU students always purchase most of their books here, and you mentioned during Husting's that you have contacted them, and they'll give an ADDITIONAL 15% discount. Now, which bookstore would give a total of 25% discount to students?

regarding the OKAY... part.
Chinyeong herself said she didnt.
And many ppl would support me that chinyeong would never have said such a thing, you must have imagined it. She isn't rude.

devi said...

let me enlighten you with your highly unrealistic factors

I used to work with the marketing department of DiGi telecommunications and also with a chemist. In order for u to implement such benefits are u aware of the procedures that is required? the process would take up, let's say 6 months, provided that's the only job u do throughout your term as a SRC treasurer. Coffee bean is a well know franchise and trust me, to get ur plan working, it'd take a year..anyone can promise u verbally. I have done that many times when I was working back then but the final answer comes when paper work settles in. That's when the NO is displayed. So promising students who are unaware of these issues is somehow unprofessional

and saying OKAY and FINE OKAY depicts different meanings my dear friend. You made her sound as though she was agitated with u and decided to storm out. But the apology after that was rather professional and hats off for that, We are human and yes we react based on our emotions at that precise moments but i suggest u re-evaluate what u decide to publish on your blog as it involves another individual

and yes all the best to you too and at the end of the day we are just working together for a better council. so no hard feelings!



Dom. said...

For your information.

For ALL the companies that I have inserted in my flyers. I have contact and already have verbal agreement.

Certainly that out there is shops that already been offering such privilege to students, but I didn't mention it in my flyers simply because that it's not my effort.

You are forgetting that IMU is not some simply unversity. It's a medical university. And I seriously doubt that anyone would skip the chance to come in contact with a medical university.

Kamal bookstore. Yes.. You have your point there.. It's hard to think that students can get such an advantage. I just tried what i could to convince them and i suceeded. On top of the discounts they usually give, they will provide an extra discount for IMU students.

As a treasurer.. Of course that handling students money comes as priority. That's why I came up with this plan to make all our money worthwhile. IMU xtra is just a side plan that i will contribute if I get the job.

OKAY doesn't mean rude and I never thought that she is. If she denies then so be it then.

I'm not here to flame or so. I'm just explaining my stand.

Dom. said...

@ Devi.

You have to know that all big things start small. You can't expect in 1 day. Poof. Everything you dream of becomes reality right?

Same goes for IMU xtra if it's implemented. Small companies around Sri petaling has already agreed with me on the plan which means that it's not a HIGHLY UNREALISTIC thing. Plus, Verbal agreement from Coffee bean and Ryu Men Tei japanese restaurant means a lot. All you need is to talk to the right person.

Fyi, verbal agreement means having trust in both parties. Well I don't know if trust and reputation is important for you but it's certainly is among us.

Well, anyone can think of this plan too. Why didn't anyone proposed it? I asked SAD about this and they said that I could try making this a dream come true.
Anyone can agree to me anything too, but would anyone renowned want to risk their good reputation in SIMPLY agree-ing??

I ask'ed Starbucks too and they say No. Which is why i didn't bother to mention.

Nope. IMU xtra doesn't mean it would be taking ALL my time. Well, you still think that IMU xTra is a blank talk, I can't change you.

It's my fault that I went to approach them talking that day because I think that it's unfair to others. As I said, I have no idea how professional is chatting of a Voting box. Plus, do you know that other candidates called and complained about this too to Kajen?

I posted in because I want people to judge it so that it's just not me thinking wrongly.

This is just me justifying my stand. Sorry if my language is offending you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
devi said...

you have your say and I have my say first of all thank you for replying in clearing my doubts and yes i should have asked this during husting's day but my bad, i arrived a tad bit too late..

Don't get me wrong..I'm not having a personal vendetta against you for coming up with Imu Xtra. The idea is catchy and yes, indeed it stired the attention you wanted it to stir. On why noone else thought of it..two reasons - noone was as creative as you, or the feasibilty of it drove many away from it. so applauds to taking the effort to contact such companies in getting the benefits your promised but from experience my friend made me voice out my concerns. I have did what u just mentioned above when I was with DiGi and also when I was the head of the library in high school. So I do know the paper work and duration on how the long the action course will take.So based on experience I voiced out my concerns and hence knew what to expect at the end of the day.

Maybe as what u mentioned, u have the contacts and u have faith in trust and so u are giving it a go with ur plan. So yes, that's something I respect. You managed to justify your stand and that's something I know I would want someone contending for a post in the council to do.

so let's all take a chill pill dom, and as what cy said - we are not here to make enemies..we are here to be friends with each other and to make our uni a better place

Dom. said...


To be honest with you, I have no grudges against you(pharmacy ppl) It's my bad for not going to spread news to a few pharmacy batches. So, it's certainly not clear for you guys. Sorry for that.

I always thought that this election would be something fair/not dirty. It's just a uni election... Heck..
I was wrong. Well certainly I know by giving the wrong answer (Not saying YES just to please ppl).. I get questioned/flamed all over.

Plus actually my post, CY isn't the main character you know??

devi said...

My dear, the elections isn't something dirty unless u wanna look at it that way..U must obviously expect questions because as a leader you would be bombarded with them and how you respond to it is what matters. You justified yourself well so i don't see a reason in you feeling there's a need to please everyone and the elections being unfair.

and i never said that cy was the main character in your blog..there's no need for her to be dragged into this..I voiced out what I thought was inappropriately stated..simple..

Dom. said...

True enough.. Reason is I want to clarify myself.

I just want to stress on this (CY not main character) because I have never wanted involve anyone in to this.

Have a nice day.

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