Monday, April 28, 2008

SRC politics~ take 2

Now, I am EXTREMELY glad that I am NOT one of the SRC canditates,
IF I were, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to write such an interesting post on SRC politics.

This is simply because talking about other candidates,
when you YOURSELF are a candidate, just seems a little "too much".
And that again, is MY PERSONAL point of view.
I know that my previous post reached the ears, or eyes of the related people.
And somehow I feel that a storm is brewing.

Now, I do apologize if any of this matters make matters worse. But I stress again, that this blog is about my personal point of view, and I understand what D said in his blog, is HIS point of view. A coin has two sides, so does a story. (wait, maybe there are more sides of the story than two...haha)

Anyways, DO read the comments of the previous post.
AND, judge it for yourself. It's kind of entertaining, at least to me ;p (I tengah shiok sendiri now..hahaha)

I can go all out and campaign for chin yeong, by talking about the pros and cons of the other candidates (which I think I already did ;p) but this is just a small scale. It's not like the whole of IMU will read it. Duh...

On a more personal note, I think that I sound a lot more erm..evil, I mean "sarcastic" when I was writing the previous post. This lead me to ponder on my chances of being a critic, which I think I did a pretty good job on ;p

And friends, if you find this "other" me, which sounds a lot like Siva the debator ;p DO let me know... hehe...

By the way, since I'm in THE MOOD to promote or gain votes for the SRC election,
Let's talk about my fellow batchmates who are running for various posts,

Wei Leun FOR SRC Social Concerns Representative!!!!

Adelin running FOR Public Relation Liason.

Chun Kang running FOR Sports Representative.

Sin Wee
running FOR Cultural and Religious Representative.

Siva FOR Vice President of Pharmacy Faculty.

AND last but not least, my house mate,


Jangan tak undi, because EVERY vote COUNTS!

p.s - vote because you know they'll make things happen.

I honestly, have to say this, AGAIN...
That I DIDN'T like D's performance during Husting, at all.
Simply because D made his stand that Imu Xtra won't be carried out if he is not elected treasurer.

(I like the idea of IMU Xtra, and I'm giving ALL credits of coming out with the idea to HIM. I know that if was HIS idea, and HIS effort to actually approach the respective people. I sincerely applaud the idea, and I think many IMU students love that as well.)

BUT it's HIS response and reasons for NOT wanting to carry out the plans
IF he is NOT elected treasurer that bugs me.

IF indeed he DOESN'T win,
Why shouldn't Imu Xtra be carried out?
Why let all HIS verbal agreements drop, just like that?
Why shouldn't he FIGHT for the right to continue the plan with the help of the FUTURE SRC body?

Being an SRC candidate, means that one should be considerate about the welfare of all students. Does saying that the plan WILL NOT be carried out, seem considerate to you?
It just sounds plain inconsiderate, to me.

Again, I applaud the plan of IMU Xtra, I love it, I want to get Xtra privileges.
If D were running for another position which is mainly focusing on the concerns of the students, instead of running as a treasurer,
I would vote for him because I want IMU Xtra to be carried out.

BUT bear in mind, that we're talking about the post of a TREASURER.

Factors that come into my mind when I select a treasurer,
is HE/SHE good in managing the funds?
is HE/SHE good in keeping the account systematic?
is HE/SHE honest in trying to make a better and more transparent account?

These are some of the factors which should be taken into consideration,
I want to vote for someone who
can manage the funds well,
can allocate proper amount of funds to respective clubs,
can manage the account properly so that every cent spent will be record systematically.

I personally know Chin Yeong, so I KNOW for SURE that she CAN do it,
it doesn't mean the other candidates can't.
I'm just saying that I have FAITH in her.. and I will SUPPORT her.
Just because she didn't come out with a fancy IMU xtra (which we all love),
it doesn't mean she's not a good treasurer.

Complaints against her by other candidates, so what?
Complaints are here, written by me,
it's on the newspapers, written by other people,
it's everywhere.
HUMANS by nature LOVE complaining.
D even complained about "the" incident in his blog.

(I am sounding more and more like a paparazzi;
making sensational news out of SRC politics. LOL)


milochel said...

mm.. no offence ya wenyi but i feel that you are kinda bias to cucu coz she's ur close fren.. u're campaigning for her.. etc etc etc.. so... when i read your blog.. and the way u commented on dominic's husting day thingy.. sounds quite ermm.. not so nice lor.. mebe that time when the SRC fella asked him then he tiba2 blanked liao then onli he ma say sth lik that lor.. i'm sure at one point or another u might have said sth abit "wrong" then u aso din realise it de mar..

mebe the chatting at the voting box part was a misunderstanding la.. mebe dom saw it as chatting then she was there voting.. then he juz felt it's not 'professional' to chat lar.. about the part where cucu said "okay" or not... come on la guys... takkan u all lik tat aso wana fight about it?? the onli way to really find out about someone's character is to get to know the person.. and at the end of the day.. it's what u tink of the other person.. onli u can change ur tot of him/her..
dun let src politics bring us (IMU) down as a family..
*my point of view* no bad intentions.. i'm innocent.. dun tembak me k...

WenYi said...

hi milochel, I'm not tembak-ing you ya..hehe...

I thank you for commenting,
and after reading your comment,
I do agree that I am biased.

I do not deny the fact ;p
That's why I mentioned quite a number of times, that it's my personal point of view. Hehe..

About the "okay" part,
I felt that the OKAY in capital, in his blog made Cucu sound rude, that's why I wanted to clarify the fact that she didn't.
And that's mainly the main reason why I had initially wanted to blog about this.

BUT I guess I got carried away,
politics can be entertaining, yet dirty at the same time. Haha.
(I've got my hands dirty, but hopefully still removable ;p)

Anyways, election is going to end soon, so hopefully things will work out, votes will be casted.
There's no right or wrong candidates.
But there's always a candidate which you prefer.

Anonymous said...

ok ok ok.

I know that it is none of my business, but i just have to say that though however unprofessional D's answer was on Husting's, he is only human. And all beings make mistakes, in case you don't already know. Nervousness, fatigue, and pressure all come into play as well when giving answers in public. Hell, even the President of USA can give wrong answers. SO if you sill want to talk about being professional and all, I suggest you take a seat and slowly think about what you will say if you were in his shoes in his EXACT situation.

Secondly, if you want to talk about bad answers and being unprofessional, I suggest also that you take a look at Jonathan's candidate (whom btw you support) Chun Kang. Were you there on his Husting's? Did you listen to the despicable, barely-audible and yet arrogant answers that he gave? Wouldn't you also say that it was due to nervousness? Maybe not huh.

And of cose CY isn't rude. i've seen her personally during many events in IMU. Well I can bet my life that D is not too, and that he wouldn't lie over such a small event WHICH btw many other candidates also condemn. But then as i mentioned, ppl act differently with diff ppl and under diff circumstances. And EVERYONE IS HUMAN. Cy may have said that and forgotten that she did. Have you seen it from this point of view?

And to 'Devi', what makes you think that Coffeebean will be so incompetent? I worked also, like you, in a big company, bigger than Digi, during my holidays, and I have seen plans like the IMU xTra being implemented just 2-3weeks after it has been suggested. I will know i handled the application! As D said, you just need to talk to the right person, take the risk - which not many ppl will take - and be persistent. Ppl aren't as bad/lazy/unprofessional as they seem.

then again this is my personal view. Good luck to everyone during the elections, and hope that it does not turn out to be a popularity contest.


WenYi said...

yes, I do agree that I did sound a little harsh towards D's answer.

But mind you (the one who remains un-named), so ARE you on commenting on Chun Kang's answer.

I was not there during the Sport's Rep Husting's, so I did not mention anything about it. Case closed...

devi said...

how interesting! based on my experience it took a few months for a department of people to implement it. U must have been working in a real good company then!

and yes, anonymous, you should know dom better than anyone of us here. all we know of him is what he portrayed himself to be during husting's day and true enough,many aspects can cloud his true self from being revealed that day,so we'll take ur word and see what dominic has in store for us aites?

Anonymous said...

Yea well I was there on that 1st day, and to be honest I couldn't hear, let alone understand a word he said. Plus he had his speech in his hand but only spoke 20 words during his speech.

So yes, i am commenting on C.kang's answers, or rather the lack of them. I am quite sure that everyone will tell you the same thing. Then again this is another topic, so we shall just leave it at this.

Anonymous said...

oh and sorry if i sound offensive or anything, just merely stating my opinions yea? =)

Anonymous said...

Great.All of you can debate very well.Use your debating power to debate and fight for your rights as students from IMU, and claim your money's worth. Doesn't matter who wins, in the end, we are still students and even if we do not win, we can still serve the students.

Poli is a another word for many, and ticks are known as tiny blood sucking insects.

Students,for students.

mezhen said...

Hi wenyi,

I'm Mezhen, I'm running for VP Medicine :) Came across your blog because somebody else linked to this post...

We're all being scrutinized in some way if we blog in public space ;p

This is my take..

of course you're entitled to your opinion about other candidates, but to me, some opinions are best kept to yourself :)

As I've commented in Dom's post as well, this might just be a misunderstanding, we can't have either side make things more complicated by pointing fingers at anyone. :)

so yeah, i find it encouraging to find people who are this interested in the SRC and watches the candidates so closely. however, campus elections are in the spirit of good and ethical rivalry :) So no need for anyone to get so worked up yeah.. we support who we want, but we don't need to bring down anyone either :)

As with any election, we would want the best candidate to win, no matter he or she is from medic or pharmacy :)

I heard about pharm students thinking they're overnumbered by medics. Aih! It's very difficult to get medic students out to vote also wan ah -_- haha, so I think the med-pharm vote numbers is sort of balanced in a sense :) plus, don't think all IMU students are that narrow minded to vote only along faculty lines :)

so, after writing all this, good luck to all the candidates and may the best join the SRC :)


Dom. said...


I said NO and I really mean it. Yes, all of you do think that it's stupid answer. Even my best friends condemned me for it.

Everyone likes the idea because it's self-benefiting to us students. But does anyone really want to put effort in it? Maybe I'm the only one because all of you think in a way that it's impossible. I can't blame anyone for that.

As i mentioned in Hustlings, every other candidates have their own manifestos to keep. Who would really care about other person's plan?? Even if they do, would they put in 100% effort?? It would simply ruin the whole idea.

And proceeding on my idea(IMU xtra) 50-50 is certainly what I don't want to see. (Hope you understand)

Plus, for not being elected, have you thought that maybe most students are not really interested in this plan?

I've been in SRC as well as being a normal student before. Even in SRC it's not easy to pull such a plan. And do you think that such plans can be done by normal students with tons of restrictions around?

I hope this clears you for why I said no.

WenYi said...

I understand that these few post related to SRC has been of particular interest to certain parties.

It was indeed fun and exciting while it lasted, thus explaining the fact why I did get a little bit carried away, but I am currently having my study break, which means I am supposed to be studying. -.-''

Thus I shall not dwell on this matter there after i.e cased close. Those who are interested to continue with the comments, may do so. As blogs, as I've mentioned, tools to express one's personal opinions.

Apologies to any concerned parties,
and I wish all participants the best.

Faculty difference doesn't make much difference to me. Though I think they play a significant role in the votes.

Nevertheless, apologies to Dom, again, and other concerned parties which may feel offended by my posts.

Have a good day.

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