Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is inhumane....

I browsed a friend's blog, and bumped into the following video which is also found on YouTube.
It's called Meet Your Meat.

which then lead me to MORE horrifying videos animal cruelty.
This is a video of a dish served in Taiwan, called the Yin Yang Fish.

While this short clip shows that fishes too are being killed alive. It's just gross.

It starts to make me wonder, should I really become a vegetarian?
I always try to reduce my meat intake especially when eating at IMU cafe, because it's not only expensive, I know that if I do i'm indirectly causing the animal's death.
But now, even egg and milk consumption seems evil.....

1 comment:

youzhuan said...

hey u read?
is the video as teruk as the comments ar?
i to this day dare not see the video man...
the fish one i saw on tv a few years back, still remember clearly the fish head moving while they using chopstick to eat....i dare not see or eat fish for a long time after that...
i can live without meat, i always thought wanna become vegetarian but i like eggs, so my dad said "sui yuan" lo...^_^

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