Sunday, May 04, 2008

SRC results 2~

Yippie~ As you've all been waiting for~

The results for SRC's post of treasurer goes to............
*drum rolls pleasssseeee~~~~~~~~~~*
Ahem~ *clears throat*


Whee^^ Congrats congrats to my lovely housemate^^ I knew she'd win get the post^^
This means that she'll be busy busy BUSY when next semester comes forth.
And that she'll most likely be away from the apartment most of the time.
BUT ChinYeong,
we'll support you~~~ *huggies*

Thus, as a summary for the whole SRC politics thing,
yes, as some candidates said, it is indeed a game of popularity, or rather a game of trust.
Voters casted their votes, on their own, to the person they preferred and think is able to do perform in their respective post. It's like our democratic general elections,
the majority wins.

And as there is only ONE person who can get each post, no doubt that the other candidates who do not get selected will undoubtedly feel sad, disappointed.
However, it doesn't mean that they are not able to perform,
it simply points out that their unique capabilities are yet to be seen by many.
And I'm sure throughout the whole SRC election process, each candidate is able to see who are the ones who support them, who are the ones who stand by them and know that friendship is all around them =)
They've gained invaluable experiences, whether they get the post or not. So cheers to all candidates once again^^

Thus, the CURRENT SRC board looks like this~~

President: Leslie
Vice President (Medicine) : Mezhen
Vice President (Pharmacy): Siva
Vice President (Health Sciences): Xin Ying
Secretary: Keng Seng
Treasurer: Chin Yeong
Sports Representative: Chun Kang
Social Concern Representative: Wei Luen
Cultural Representative: Sin Wee
Public Relations liaison: Nicholas
I.T liaison: Geowin

Hehe, so most of our P107 candidates got the position! Isn't that something to be proud of? Hehe^^ At least this year's SRC board is an equal mix of pharmacy and medicine students^^
5 from Pharmacy, 5 from Medicine, and 1 from Nursing (Health Sciences). So, I have faith that future events organised in IMU especially the IMU Ball would gather a proper mixture of IMU students^^ Whee~~~~


youzhuan said...

hip hip- hurray!
finally the board has diversity...

WenYi said...

yay~~~ exactly^^ hehe^^ btw, i read that chun kang won by a majority of 230~ haahhaahaa^^

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