Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bagan Lalang~

Whee~ Peas has been extremely unproductive during the weekend...
After chatting up with Ning, who told me that the results over here in IMU doesn't really play an important role in determining whether we get a merit or a distinction when we're in Glasgow, Peas decided to chill and let nature take it's course in my social marketing essay. Hehe^^ (york, social marketing isn't about promoting a girl la, hehe...but if you're interested..ngek ngek ngek..let me know!! hehe..)

Anyways, back to the topic>>> Bagan Lalang~
It's actually a beach situated in Sepang. For those who know about Sepang Gold Coast, the beach is just right next to it.
Wait...what's Sepang Gold Coast you say?
well to me, sepang gold coast is just another malaysian multi-billion project where they wanna build chalets in a the shape of a palm tree. Palm tree? isn't that exactly what Dubai has? Yup, darn right it is! This is the artist illustration of what it will be, and honestly it doesn't look like it's going to be completed anytime soon. Although I have no doubts that it will look lovely once it's completed, the question remains is whether there will be buyers..hmm...highly doubtful, ain't it? And why would they wanna make it to the shape of a palm tree?? coz malaysia is rich in palm trees? or maybe they like the Dubai's palm tree????

Nevertheless, back to Bagan Lalang Beach. It's actually quite popular. At least I can find it on WikipediaTravel! And also several online galleries, this is one of it.

So why did Peas go there? Peas was lazy doing her essay, and Carrots wanted to check out the beach for a camp which he plans to organize for his batch of genetics students..Hehe^^ So off we went~~

We took the coastal road there, and passed by many many kampungs and finally reached there after a 100mins plus ride. LOL~ Imagine that, I forgot to take pictures on the way *sigh*

But I'll compensate with pictures taken at the beach^^

this is taken by me (which explains why the picture is senget-ted..) and on the right hand side of the picture is the still-constructing sepang gold coast...

A picture of some of the families having a relaxing day at the beach..yes, the beach doesn't look too nice right? Of course it's nothing compared to the lovely beaches in Redang, but it's WAY better than the Morib beach. Hehe...then again, it's been ages since I went to Morib, maybe MPK did a little "spring cleaning" for the beach..maybe....just maybe....

out on the sea, was this AWAS sign..and lots of poles. It reminded me of what I used to learn in Pendidikan Seni. Those lines where it converges and reaches a disappearing point, or something like that, this picture, represents that really well. hehe...

okay, finally a nice decent picture of the beach!! The sky was perfect blue and the clouds were just lovely!!!

WARNING, the following pictures may be disturbing...too much of Peas and Carrots do make a bad combination for some non-vege lovers. LOL~~~ ;p

carrots didn't look like he had any problem jumping up high in the Peas thought she could do it as well....BUT

I started off with a constipation-like pose...and.....

I wanted to say, ended with a bang...BUT....well, Peas found out today that I can't jump as high as I thought I could..*sigh*

well, along the beach, there were several sections where you can see this...

a close up will show you THIS~~

and the tiny little crabs who made them~~

thank you Carrots for bringing me there today~ Peas enjoyed herself!! Muacks~~

p.s- Ning..just to show you the amount of IMU shirts i have collected so far, after my 3 semesters in IMU.....10 shirts!!!

and there's one more to come for the IMU cup!!! Guess which one was designed by me..keke^^


Phiku said...

ooo..the pic is cool! need to take one like

the goldcoast project can be seen from the fren saw it from the plane..and it did look like a palm...

did u encounter any sandflies there? morib has ben cleaned up... :D

york said...

social marketing is a social event to market urself:P

or market to socialize? lol

WenYi said...

hahaha...rofl...nope, it's not!!
social marketing = a methodology using marketing techniques to change the behaviour of the public for their own benefit.

hehe..LOL...ya, the pic is cool^^ coz I took it~ haha...

well, the palm tree will look nice, but it's like a waste of money..but at least it's better than having politicians eating the money up ;p

Anonymous said...

wah... mentioned my name a couple of times, so touched haha...
but wey ya... the "no need to study" part can delete laaaa, i dont wanna be a bad senior ok? ... wont be nice if Dr Kang sees this, LOL
hmm... i think you designed the no.2 shirt gua. rite? I've the no. 8 orange one! hehehe

WenYi said...

hehe^^ i'm stressing myself to finish the essay now. hehe^^ going to have CVS interpretation exam soon. hehe^^ so must gua guai dy~~

will get advice from you, a good senior~~ hehe..dont worry about dr kang ;p

ning~~ no 2 isn't designed by me..guess again~~ hehe^^

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