Thursday, July 31, 2008

Movies movies~

Phew~ I finally finalllllyyyyyyyy finished typing most of the main points of my social marketing essay *relieved* And so..I can blog again~~~ Whee~~~

Let me start off by praising the wonders of internet and torrent files!!!!
Being one of the main "downloaders" of movies in the apartment, I contributed to a fair share of latest movies which will only be coming out in Malaysia next month. Hehe^^

I downloaded The ruins weeks ago, thinking it was some "old" movie dating back till last year.This was mainly because I got a DVD-rip of the movie, and naturally I assumed the movie has been released ages ago; forgetting that Malaysia is rather slow in the screening of certain movies.

Back to The Ruins.
It's about 4 students/friends/couples, who went for a holiday in a Mexican?? country, and was offered a special trip to a "temple". (ya, the standard movie line for all horror flicks..)
But this time, there were no serial killers what-so-ever. There were only flesh eating plants that can imitate ringtones of cellphones. Hehe..In the end, guess who died? LOL~~

Yesterday, I watched Meet Dave.Yes, it was also in DVD-rip. But this time around, I knew that the movie wasn't out in Malaysian cinemas, yet. And so, I had such a sense of happiness knowing I saved a few ringgit to not watch the movie in the cinema. LOL~ (yes, I am kedekut ;p)

The movie was okay, funny at times, and eddie murphy certainly pulled off a robotic appearance most of the time. Robotic, because the "larger" eddie murhpy in human form is supposedly a robot/space ship for a group of tiny aliens in human form, led by "tiny" eddie murphy. Confused? Don't be. The movie is straightforward, really!!

Then I also downloaded Sex and the City which was screened in the states ages ago. Unfortunately I didn't get the DVD-rip for the movie, but the quality was good nonetheless ;p

The movie was pretty long, 2hours and 15 minutes. For a chick flick, it's long. But the movie didn't get boring, as there were a few saucy scenes! Hehehe^^

Saucy as in couples making out, undressed.
A hot guy with a cute ass bathing on the verenda.
And even a few of the lead characters of the movie, undress, but with their vital parts artistically covered~ LOL~

So, the I would the movie be screened in Malaysia?
Black outs during those certain scenes? Or would they just cut away the whole chunk of saucy scenes? hmm....i wonder...

Then weeks ago, I also downloaded this movie called
My mums new boyfriend AKA homeland security,
which stars Meg Ryan and Anterio Banderas!It's not a well-known movie, and I doubt it'll be showing in Malaysia.
BUT the movie was rather nice^^ I liked Meg Ryan as an over-weighed mum who turned into a "hot" mum!! I liked Anterio Banderas for wonderful accented speech!! Hehe^^

I loved You Dont mess with the Zohan!!It was obscene, as in the jokes were obscene. No naked ladies. No naked guys..wait, there was adam sandler butt naked ;p

Hehe..that's a lot of movie ain't it? Well....these were only some of the movies I watched off-cinema..there a few more like...
- The Bank Job, and
- The Oxford Murders

This post is getting too long..LOL~


milochel said...

hey.. i want!!! i wan the dvd rip !!! :):):) i cant seem to get good download sites, so i always end up downloading trash... :(

WenYi said...

haha...go mininova, loads of nice torretns^^ rofl

york said...

downloads are sloooow these days...

anybody got die hard3?

bank job rocks! lucky bugger aint them? lol

homeland security looks tempting...:P

WenYi said...

unfortunately i didn;t download diehard 3. LOL..i watched that in the cinema, and that was enough for me..hehe....

yup, bank job was good. haha..they sure are lucky..i wish i can be like that lo.

haha..homeland security..i know what tempted u. LOL~ but unfortunately the movie didn't show much of that...LOL~

york said...

naughty girl! lolz... whenu back in klang? i'll bring an empty HD with me :D

bank job they are tooo lucky :P

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