Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy birthday Suat Mei~~

Suat Mei~~~

Hehe, it was Suat Mei's birthday.
She's gotten older by a year!
And she's still as pretty as always^^
I've known her since secondary school, all the way back in RZ.
So, till date, that makes her a friend of mine, which I have known for almost 10 years!!
*sweat* I have the sudden realization that I too am more than 2 decades old..
LOL~ but the aging process is indeed a sweet one!
Especially if girls get together to bake cakes! LOL^^

Cakes? Yup...we baked 3 cakes!

BUT, unfortunately, cake number 3 suffered a case of oil-overdose. Oil leaked out of it when we overturned it for cooling purposes. It tasted like oil, and we decided to get rid of it. It's still in my kitchen. Hopefully the birds will like it. LOL~

We then divided ourselves to two groups, and decorated cake 1 and cake 2.

This is the submission by Suat Mei and Pei li's group.

This was the submission by Me and Soo Hui~So..which is nicer?? do tell us cause we wanna know!!! Hehe^^

After a tedious creative work which drained our brain cells of it's creativity, we took pictures with the birthday girl~

Mei and I~
Mei and Soo Hui~

Mei and Pei li~

Girls, I hope u enjoyed the cake like I did^^
The cake looks yummy, doesn't it??


renly said...

hmm..although i really wan to support u, but i have to go with suat mei n pei li's cake..wakaka..
theirs look more edible and neat while yours..errr...messy!!=P

WenYi said...

how dare u say my cake doesnt look nice... parents both say mine look nicer. hehe...coz mine looks like more "liu"

;p but both also taste the same la..hehe^^

renly said...

people birthday ok. of course must say her cake nicer one rite?

wen chin said...

I agree with renly. =P
The cream on your cake looks a bit like falling off. =P
But they both look so yummy!!! And all the fruits......... *drools*

WenYi said...

LOL^^ hehe..thanks wen chin^^

the fruits look yummy right? hehe..i'm contemplating on baking another cake next week =) but i'll be working on it alone...=(

york said...

u look like u entered the oven with the cake :P

i'll tell u the me over for tasting when ur done :P

WenYi said...

LOL~ i know i am tan...
haha..but i look very tan coz suat mei is so fair..and partly becoz i didnt put make up. ROFL~

anyways, i finished the cake. LOL~

DjMeiMei said...

i also didnt make up mar :p

WenYi said...

LOL^^ u always had good skin. hehe^^ i have bad skin~ LOL^^

DjMeiMei said...

ur head lar...
i got big pores ler....
got big black heads ler

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