Saturday, August 16, 2008

All about Brothers~

Yup, today the 16th of August is a day to celebrate all the brotherly love I have in the world. ROFL~

1. Both my brothers are flying back from Sabah^^ So yea..I'll finally get to see them after err...a month or so? Well, though they miss their girlfriends more than me, they're still my brothers!!
Whee~ So that means another trip to the airport! (with petrol price high, it seems kinda expensive...*sweats*)

2. To my "pet"bro Benjamin! Happy birthday!!! U're getting old. (btw, if u do read this, I posted a birthday card to you by slow mail, so do go check ur mailbox, if u have not received it. Do let me know~)

Okay, so that's all for today. Time to hit the books.

Btw, when I was studying back in Vista, I asked a question to the rest of the girls (pohyee, renly, cucu and Devi). And they told me it was a semester 3 information. *sweats* This comes to prove how much knowledge I have, and the capacity of my brain to store information is only on a short-term basis. After the exams, all the information have evaporated into thin air. Yup. Not only that, I contribute the "evaporation" of knowledge due to the fact that I didn't really memorise much last semester. *sweats*

I should be working harder this time around. I don't wanna waste the money which is sponsoring my education.'s not's my FUTURE taxes anyway~~~ LOL ;p

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Porcupine said...

Hi Wen Yi!!!
Just went through your old posts...
Those T-shirts from IMU looks great!!!
Did you have a hand in designing them?

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