Thursday, August 14, 2008


I realized that I haven't been blogging after the Chinese Singing Competition.
*shrieks* (drama sikit lah~ since I haven't been around for some time on the internet. LOL~)

Anyways, I didn't go online, or even switch on my laptop for almost the entire week. (almost..well almost...) It's mainly because I was stressing myself over the TWO papers which I will be sitting for next week.

Paper 1 = Cardiovascular Interpretation Exam on Monday~ (this contributes 30% to the finals)
Paper 2 = Dispensing Test for Pharmacy Practice 1 on Tuesday~(this contributes 14% to the finals)

Yup, I was chilling for a bit for the past week. So I automatically switched on to "kiasu-mode" and even more so after I found out that my roomie has already finished "eating" her whole DD book. T.T (yes, I AM a little PARANOID..*sweats*) I freaked myself out as I couldn't remember half the drugs mentioned in the module guide, I freaked myself out when I couldn't fit into a skirt which was given to me by my cousin. I found my tummy bulging out, and I kept asking Devi and Renly about it. They told me I looked fine.

But my tummy is still visible to me. Thus, I changed the skirt, and decided to give the skirt to Renly. And somehow, I felt like I was going to be an old-looking, fat, ugly and dumb person. *sweats profusely*.

Studying..well not exactly studying much, this leads to the present me, who couldn't stand being away from the internet too long... LOL~

Bah, anyways, I better go back to my books. They're calling. Wait, I mean IT'S calling. (luckily there's only one book to cover)

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