Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chinese singing competition finals~


Peas was delighted as Carrots came to support me^^
Not only that, my housemates TOO bought me flowers^^

Peas was a happy girl that day.

AND, the best part is, my group actually won the first place for the composing category!!
Despite the fact that I:

a) forgot my lyrics

b) went off key a LOT of times

c) sang like a complete emotionless being

LOL^^ yup, I was expecting the other composer to win, but when they announced that we won. I was dumbfounded. ROFL~

Yup, winning was good, but I felt like I didn't deserve it.

And I just realized, after reading chinyeong's comments, that I have joined all THREE categories of the IMU Chinese Competition.
1) Solo
2) Group (with Pohyee last year)
3) Composing was indeed a blessing for me.

Me, Jian Ming (the composer) and Christine (the lyricist) on stage explaining the lyrics of the song. Both Jian Ming and I are "bananas" so we didn't dare to explain. hehe^^

Peas, acting "emo" while singing..

US, again, delighted that we actually made it^^

the people I love^^

carrots wincing because peas is giving her "camera" smile..(apparently its the fake smile I give every time I pose for a picture) ;p

and the lovely flowers I received^^

THANK YOU to Carrots, Chin Yeong, Renly, Poh Yee, Devi, Jian Ming, Christine, and also "Yahoo" who introduced me to Jian Ming and Christine and got me into the composing category.

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york said...

congrats! guess every frog has its day :P croak! haha

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