Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chinese Singing Competition @ IMU

Hehe..it's my second time around taking part in the singing competition in IMU.
This indirectly shows how "senior" I am in IMU, to have had 2 chances of taking part in the contest! LOL~ but there was another senior who joined the competition the THIRD time around! Ya..it means he's "Super-ancient"!! LOL~

Back to story, last year, pohyee joined me for the contest, and we both took part in the solo and group category together. However, this time around she decided not too. *sobs* So, initially I didn't want to register. However, after much persuasion by baby renly and chin yeong and also pohyee, I signed up, searched for a song and downloaded it and it's lyrics. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to practice the song in a karaoke outlet. *sigh*

So, last Friday, when the organisers had a mic-test, I decided against going, and pulled out from the contest. Funnily, today, the secretary of the event sms-ed me, and told me whether it's okay to arrange me as the 4th participant to go on stage.

And, I replied her saying how sorry I am as I am not able to join.
Ironically, when I got back, and chatted with sinye and sin wee, my mind began to run wildly.
My thoughts were somewhere between,

"it's my last chance to join the competition"


"why not?"

SO, I thickened my skin, and sms-ed the secretary, telling her that I want to re-join the competition! LOL~ She agreed, and so I began practicing the song
frantically for about 1 hour, right before I went to IMU for the actual audition event, which was supposed to start at 6.30pm, but somehow started later than expected, and ended around 11pm.

Here's some pics of me, over-dressed for the audition.

Yes. I was indeed over-dressed!!!
Everyone else was kinda casual.. smart casual..

And best of all, my song was really really short. I only sang for 2 minutes, because pohyee told me if the song is too long, it'll bore the audience and the judges. Yet, when I finished singing, people were saying it was too short. MEH~~ (pohyee, I don't blame u la..hehe..i'm also partly responsible for I was the one who sliced the song) hehe..it's good to have a short song. Don't have to worry about making many mistakes..hehehe^^

And as expected, I didn't get into the finals. LOL~
There were many others who can really sing. Good vocals, etc..
But at least I went for it, and joined in the fun. Hehe^^

Here's the lovely housemates~~ whee^^

Btw, a friend called me, and asked me to help sing a song, which HIS friend composed for the self-composed song category (which will only be held on Thursday). I ,again, initially didn't want to join, and , AGAIN, after consideration, decided to give it a shot! Hehe^^

So, come thus Thurs, I will still be singing a song, but not for the solo category lah~
I'll be singing a song which I have not heard, and hopefully I will do well. *crosses fingers*


york said...

looking good...! :D hope ur voice is the same as in primary school :P

Huey Ying said...

haha its stan's 4th time this year.

that makes him super ultra mega ancient i guess! keke ^^

Imu Src said...

woohoo~~ u made it!! *hugs*
u tried all three categories.. isnt that a great experience?? hehehe...
i really love the song~~ hehe..

cucu said...

oops.. i forgot to sign out from src gmail.. hehehe..

WenYi said...

haha^^ really?? stanley's 4th time?? wah...ya..he's ancient!!!!! LOL ;p

haha...chinyeong~~ u used src's address..lol..yaya, so glad^^ i've joined all 3 categories!! hehe^^ i jz realised ;p

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