Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yuen Steamboat~

I forgot to blog about this last week.

Last Tuesday, we (the committee members, both new and old, of the IMU Buddhist Society) headed off to Sunway for a taste at Yuen's Steamboat Restaurant!

Hehe..it was my first time going to the place, and I have heard sooo often, that the place is famous for it's chicken wings .....
This looks like a whole chicken drumstick right? but unfortunately..it was only a drummet..=( see, it's only the same size as the chicken wing..

Thankfully, it didn't disappoint me at all^^
And, I wasn't the only one INTO the chicken~
Other than the chicken, it had a large variety of "ingredients" to choose from!
Nyam..i love seafood~
while eating, there we people smiling too,
AND more people smiling or laughing..
Hehe...these people weren't laughing because of the good food..(maybe partly) but they were actually listening carefully to..........
Listening to lame jokes!!! LOL~

Somehow the buddhist society members have a never ending list of lame jokes, which are passed down to every generation of committee members! LOL^^

One day, we'll publish a book called,

"Collection of lame jokes: passing down happiness to juniors"


As a preview to those who are interested in the book.....

On which part of your body will you find Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy??

. . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .
This Knee (Dis-Ney)

Lame? well, it's called a lame joke for a reason!!! hehe^^


york said...

really lame...haha...i'll give u this look: -.-!!!!!

WenYi said...

LOL~ there's more!!!

Q: What does a "fei po" becomes when she falls off a hill?

quick, make a guess~~

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