Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm okay~

Yup, I am okay, for now.

Cause I have an emotion as flamboyant as a floating float on the sea. (pardon my lack of vocabulary, that's why I keep repeating the same words)

Anyways, back to story.

I am fine.
After like more than 1 hour of talking on the phone, and shedding tears like there's no tmr, and now my eyes look like shit. omg. i curse too much. lol.

Anyways, girls get emo really frequent, i guess?

lol. I think it's a fact that girls get "emo" almost half of their lifetime. LOL~

So guys, get it.

Girls want guys to totally understand what they're going through without them having to tell you about it.

p.s: I have great housemates^^ they cheered me up when they got back^^ me love them. me love carrots. me love my mum. me love love love~~


milochel said...

i'm feeling better too.. i smsed everything to him ytd before i went to bed ... hopefully he gets it ..
he hasn't woke up / replied me yet though...

renly said...

glad that u r ok!! me love u too!! muackss

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