Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby carrots' birthday~

Jeng jeng jeng~

It was baby carrot's birthday yesterday!!
Naturally, Peas went off to celebrate his birthday =)

We headed to Itallianes @ The Gardens to have our dinner.

I was both our first time dining at Itallianes so we didn't know what to order.
We browsed through the menu, and saw that each dish was an average of rm25.
Then we saw that Itallianes was having an offer for a set for 4 persons for only rm89.90.

*two light bulbs lighted up*

And thus, we decided to go for the 4 persons set meal!

The waiter was obviously shocked.

waiter: Are you sure you want to order this set?

us: yes

waiter: it's a set for four persons.

us: yes, why is a lot?

waiter: well, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're really really hungry.

us: *ponders* yes

waiter: but the portion, for example the shrimp fettucini is large enough for 2 to 3 persons, are you sure you can finish it?

us: we'll try *smiles nicely*

*the waiter gave up persuading us not to order*

and so we started ordering our dishes.

well, of course before our set meal arrived, we were served some bread as starters.
first to come was our appetizer>>> mussels!!!
Up next came our first main course dish, which consisted of three grilled chicken-breast meat which is much thicker than the average chicken breast! The sauce was simply delicious!!!
We sapu-ed the sauce before letting the waiter take the plate away ;p
Then came the pizza. It was large! Like domino's large pizza!!!
Then, the waiter took the opportunity to ask,
"so, are you full? is your stomach filled up to here *points halfway through the "stomach"*
or here *points to a higher position*?"

carrots: we jz got started.

LOL. The waiter then gave a shocked look and said, "okay" while squinting his eyebrows in disbelief. ROFL.

Then, before we finished our pizza, the shrimp fettuccine arrived. (oppps, i spelled fettuccine wrongly ;p ) and yes. I ordered the dish on purpose just to see how large the portion was. ROFL.
Once we finished the shrimp fettuccine, both carrots and I gave up on the pizza.
We only managed to eat 2/3 of the pizza, and decided to ta pao the remaining pizza.
(which I heated up and ate for breakfast and tea today..LOL)

Finally was our dessert! I forgot what's it called, but it was humongous! see, it's as big as my face!!!

LOL...jz face is really big, so the cake was smaller...but hey! it's still a really large slice of ice-cream cake!!!

After the meal, both carrots and I felt like our stomach was about to burst; at least carrots did. While I felt like I was pregnant, with food. LOL...
I was walking like some obese fella, and i felt so round. ROFL..
After walking a few steps (it was REALLY a few steps only, kind of like 10-15 steps), we stopped and stood in front of the touch-screen directory board.

It was then when Peas realised how much she ate, and that she couldn't even laugh, as the laughing added pressure to the stomach and made her ache.
Yup..I was THAT full. I can't even laugh. *sweats*

Anyways, after walking and resting, walking and resting, we then caught the midnight movie in Midvalley.

We watched the Thai horror movie>>>>>Body #19
Both carrots and I loved the movie!!!
It's about Chon, a student, who had nightmares about a dead woman.
He then sees a psychiatrist who's husband is somehow linked to the dead woman.
The story continues to build up, with two deaths and several gory scenes of the ghost.

I liked the visuals especially the part where the ghost jumps towards Chon, and her hair goes flying around artistically!! I'm serious!! The ghost's hair was just superb. LOL~

Although the movie was 2 hours long, I didn't find it draggy.
In fact, it was good from the start till the end.
There's a twist towards the end, which made the movie really really good.
And, the movie's soundtrack is good!!!

To end this post, here's a pic of carrots and his presents.

and a picture of carrots and peas (in hoodies) ^^ hehe~


ButterfliesForDinner said...

Thanks babes :)

milochel said...

@.@ set for 4 ?!?!?! faints ...

siao ..

WenYi said...

haha...yup..set for 4

the waiter was like @.@ too..LOL~
so cute...

youzhuan said...

yea, set for four is enough for 5 man...
damn HUGE. haha!
love the dessert!cappucino pie rite?^^ but by the time the dessert was served, i was so fulled, so i could only eat abit....haha

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