Tuesday, September 16, 2008


After the double M trip, which actually meant Malacca and Muar, Peas decided to kick start her week by doing some studying as her End of Semester exams are coming soon.

Sadly, the internet and the recent turmoils happening in malaysia got the better of her, and thus she's here online, blogging. *sweats*

Anyways, peas was browsing through her classmates blogs till she saw kenneth on cynthia's friends list.

Peas clicked.

And it led her to Kenneth Liaw Vern Xi's blog.
Unfortunately it was ALL in chinese characteres *sweats agains*

Thankfully, chin yeong, the chinese-pro-master in the house knew how to read chinese charactrers. And soon, pohyee, chin yeong and peas were laughing their ass off especially when they saw the love calculator.

Lame as it sounds.
We still went to the website, and fooled around a bit.

amazing. chin yeong gets a 99% with cheh hsia, while peas and carrots only got 27%..*sweats*

anyways,it's carrots birthday today..so here's a special dedication to him.

happy birthday dear!
i'm glad to have you in my life too^^

haha..short and simple!
great huh? :p

I always remember to k.i.s.s - keep it short & simple.


milochel said...

chin yeong and cheh hsia ?!?!


WenYi said...


but instead of going O.o like you, i was laughing so hard..haha...

renly said...

hehe, i tried brendan n all of us. Me, py, n cy with him oso damn low. Only u n him very high. N best thing is, brendan n poh yee hit the amazing ONE percent!!

WenYi said...

haha...me and brendan ar? too bad for him, i'm attached dy..wakaka....

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