Monday, September 15, 2008

double M trip

Double M here stands for?

Maldives and Mauritius.

Nah. Unfortunately peas here isn't that rich nor mad enough to be in two countries over the weekend. ;p

Instead, peas had a lovely road trip with her house mates, and a lost male who just got back from Germany-and decided against driving a manual car because the recent manual car he drove is in Germany where the drivers change their gear using their right hand. Okay, it's not a good enough reason to not be driving, but hey, with a brilliant and safe diver like me, is there a need to drive? LOL ;p

Back to story, I drove the car (to my parent's dismay of course, they were afraid that I couldn't handle driving on the highway..but of course, you'll never get experience if you never try, right?)We parked our car @ Tesco Malacca, and our lovely friend foo yee brought us to the town itself where we started our journey.

But of course, before one travels, it's best to keep your belly filled with good food!

After half-stuffing ourselves, we started walking on Jonker Walk (it's no longer called Jonker Street, I wonder why...)

then we had more food!!!

more pictures^^

we then stopped by Dataran Pahlahwan to enjoy some air-condition before exposing ourselves to more sunlight ;p

next is the A famosa fort a.k.a Kubu A Famosa~~

And in the mean time we also got kirksman to drop by, where he insisted in being in almost every single picture we took~ thus explaining the facial expression below..LOL

after that, we headed off to Newton (a food court in malacca) for some drinks before we moved on to the Portugese Settlement in malacca to enjoy "authentic" portugese seafood. The seafood was okay, but their crabs were nice albeit pricey. hehe...

after the seafood dinner, foo yee dropped us back @ tesco malacca, where i again drove.
Drive drive drive, from Malacca >>> Muar. muar, we stayed @ chin yeong's house and we had more food there as well, but i'm getting lazy uploading photos. hahaha^^

long story short:
1. we had supper. consisting of chicken wings in muar
2. sleep
3. bah kut teh for breakfast
4. chat @ esmond's house
5. drove down to Gunung Ledang
after playing at the waterfall, with none of us got wet except for renly and the only male in the group. haha. mainly cause we didn't plan to go to the waterfall, so we forgot to bring extra clothes. hehe..

anyways, more food was to be savoured in muar and the best so far is....
after eating, of course we need some break and we went back to chin yeong's house where we had our mini-lantern festival.
that's all from me for now, so let's end the post with this..*smiles*


Hafizah said...

awww..adorable piccies you have here!

WenYi said...

haha...thanks dear^^ u've got loads of sweet pics too~

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