Wednesday, September 10, 2008


After I did badly in the Biopharmacy 3 paper,
I thought I would be free of stress for a few days..

mana tau.. my social marketing essay had issues with it.

I had sent my essay to my lecturer last Tuesday. But she didn't respond.
So, I re-sent it on Sunday. Still no response.

Thus, I went to meet her face to face yesterday.

Guess why she didn't reply me?

She said she didn't receive the mail I sent on Tuesday, but received the one on Sunday.
BUT, she couldn't open my file.
Apparently it was corrupted.
So I guess that means that my laptop is infected with virus *sweats*

Anyways, main point was that I had to "re-write" my essay *long sigh*

Thankfully, I managed to complete it today!
Whee~ *breathes with relief*

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