Sunday, September 07, 2008



Am just back from the swimming match~~

Good news =)

My team got silver for the 4 x 50 breaststroke relay!! Whee^^

For the female individuals,
we got bronze in freestyle,
and silver in breaststroke.

Guys got fourth for both the events,
and sadly we got last for our mixed medley event.
(mixed medley = backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle)

Thankfully, we managed to get a bronze for the overall team !! (That is, if there aren't any dispute after I left ;p)

So there~ I'm done for the day~
Back to studying for Biopharmacy 3^^

A few pictures before I sign out~

the swimming pool we competed in~

me doing my warming up~ (didn't get a full shot of myself in the red swimsuit due to unforeseen circumstances, like I feel like I look like crap ;p)

and finally, me with my fluffy hair, and the rest of the team, and supporters^^

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