Monday, November 24, 2008

Birth and Baby Steps


We all learned in sejarah lessons back in secondary school that history is actually derived from two words;

History = His + Story come it cannot be her story? Why must if be his? This for one, is an example for chauvinism, the male ego which can be felt everywhere one goes. Oh well, at least nature is called Mother Nature and not Father Nature. LOL....

Back to my humble beginnings (fuyoh...I make myself sound like I'm some big-shot now. Pity I'm not. LOL...)
As I was saying, back to my humble beginnings...
I'm the first child in the family. Thus, that may be the main reason why my parents or my mum in particular actually put in the effort to decorate my very own baby book.

Along with the album, were:

1. My baby hair when I was 2-months old. (Yes..they shaved my head bald and kept my hair in the album. hehe^^)

2. A page stating all my vital stats when I was born. Vital stats means my baby weight not this>>> 34-24-36 (and btw, that's my dream vital stats, not my real one ;p) LOL^^

3. A page with all my first times.

Ladies and gentlemen,

This little baby above is or more accurately was me :)
I was born at 2 pm on the 1st of December 1986 which was a Monday.
My weight as a newborn was 3kg and I had a height of 36 centimeters.

I first smiled when I was 1 and a half months old, and first laughed 6 months later when I was 2 months old. I started to crawl when I was about 7 months old and my first walk on my own, without the baby pram, on March 1988 i.e about 1 year and 4 months old.

Then on September 1988 came my twin brothers.

The picture below shows me looking very much like a little boy, along with my two chubby looking brothers in 1989.

Then in 1990, when I was almost 4 years old, I went to Thailand along with my parents.
Guess which is me?

Highlight to see the answer >> The little girl in blue, standing in front of the banner.

Fast forward a few more years, little wenyi headed off for pre-school where this picture below is most likely the first performance she did. hehe..

Can't see me?
Well, I did look a LOT different back then.
Answer: The girl right next to the indian boy. If you can't see which is the indian boy, set the lighting of ur screen, or go get ur eyes checked ;p

Little wenyi was a shy girl. Wait, I still am shy. hehe...

Little wenyi is>>> The girl with the black shoes.

Then, before she graduated from kindergarden, she did another performance.

At home, she's a cheerful little girl who loved playing with her two younger brothers.

Don't be fooled by my ahem "cute" pictures of little wenyi cause little wenyi can be fierce as well.

Once I was in primary school, I started wearing spectacles.
As you can see from the picture below, I dislike wearing specs.

Especially since the olden day sepctacles are wide framed and made me look, well, weird.

That's all for now, pictures of my primary and secondary school is scarce. It's almost like finding water in the dessert, I only have that few pictures taken *sigh*


flowerspirit said...

wen yi u look so much like your mum! =P

cute lar u! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL...u look like u wanted to bite the photographer in ur primary school pic..haha..

WenYi said...

@flowerspirit - hehe...ya, i look more like my mum rather than my dad, but my mum had got a baby face. I didnt inherit that though. hehe....

@ kappax2 - LOL...i know, i do look fierce... haha...something bad must have happened. haha..

renly said...

wow, u were really young eh? u were one and a half months old, n six months later u were stil only 2 months old?? me thinking probably u r already 30 now yet u convince ppl u r 22..wakaka...

WenYi said... maths fail one ma...LOL

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