Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor Laptop

My laptop is officially dead.

Dead because it got infected by a visiting virus which was carried by my unsuspecting thumbdrive. The thumbdrive had traveled to two computers in IMU.
1. In the SRC room.
2. In the IT department.

Reason of travel: To print out stuff for the IMU Ball.

Once i plugged it in, the whole laptop started lag like hell. Next, my anti-virus program keeps popping up an alert which tells me:

"Suspicious file detected in WINDOW/system32/.......... Action to be taken: Ignore or Delete"

Obviously I deleted the file. BUT another alert popped up, telling me to restart the laptop to let it scan the system files.

That whole cycle of scanning and restarting repeat itself since yesterday afternoon till today. Thus, I decided to shut down the laptop and let my dad fix it when I get back home this weekend.

Till then, I shall be hogging Pohyee's laptop to use. ;p

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