Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre- Birthday celebration

I'm officially turning 22 next Monday the 1st of December 2009.
*'s actually a small reminder to all my friends to get my presents or wishes will do, just in case you forgot it's coming soon ;p*

Anyways, my housemates were super kind to have done a pre-birthday celebration for me on Tuesday^^ It was the day where we were throwing a barbecue session in which many of our batchmates were invited for as well. So, in other words, I had no idea that they were actually going to celebrate my birthday.

It all started with me and Brendan trying to fire up the barbecue set. Initially I thought Brendan would be of much help, but in the end, I was the one who got my hands dirty and successfully started off part of the fire^^ Yes, I was so successful in starting the fire that Brendan said this,

"wenyi, you're so man~~~ " ( in mandarin) *peas went = =''

The chicken looked like this...
Looks good right? We had marinated the chicken overnight with heinz barbecue sauce, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper.

Sadly, while we were halfway through barbecue-ing the chickens, the following happened.

Devi: They're going to fog vista.

We: *panicky* Save the chickens.
OMG, it's drizzling.

We started moving quickly to keep the chickens indoor, and since we couldn't barbecue anymore, we decided to fry the chickens. However, we received the following comments regarding the fried chicken:

It's so hard that even a dog won't eat it. *really?*
It tastes nice, but the meat is too tough. *sobs*
It feels like eating chewing gum. *sad-nye*

So, we ended up with many many half eaten chicken. It's all because the chicken meat which we purchased from Carrefour wasn't fresh. It was OLD chicken, which meat was TOUGH like hell.

SO, DON'T buy chicken meat from CARREFOUR, unless you're really sure it's a young chicken. (but how do you actually differentiate a young chicken from an old chicken? hmmmm.....)

We felt really bad, as the chicken which was intended as the main course ended up a failure. Thankfully, there were other food brought by my batchmates^^
sushi by jason kam, jason lim, chun kang and alvin.

Desserts by Jeannette, Chew Ning and Ling Wei *yummy*

Then, as I was in the midst of barbequeing some hotdogs, Shenyang a.k.a Carrots came in with my birthday cake^^
Yup, it was actually Raj's birthday. So raj's name was on the cake as well. Hehe...This is the second time I'm celebrating my birthday with Raj. It was in One U last year, and this time in Vista, and next year, it'll be in Scotland^^ Whee~~

After the "cake cutting ceremony", we had a quiz session, where both Raj and I were supposed to guess the names of my batchmates. Though I had difficulties in answering the questions, I beat Raj and won the "game". Cheers to me! LOL..

That's me, smiling stupidly during the quiz. LOL~

A group picture of all (except for chan sing, stella and dear devi)

Towards the end, Brendan, Irene and her housemates stayed back to help us out. Irene swept the floor while Brendan mopped.

Since we were ever grateful to them, I gave out a certificate to Brendan.Yup, pelajar contoh Brendan Khor Lin Yee telah dapat sijil daripada saya! Haha^^

As a wrap, thank you to all who came.
And to my housemates, Pohyee, renly, chin yeong and devi,
And to dear Carrots,


renly said...

i love you too!! muacks muacks!

斌份世界 said...

when is ur birthday?
happy birthday

WenYi said...

thatns for visiting kp,
my birthday's on the 1st^^

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