Saturday, March 07, 2009

Watch Watchmen!!!


I was out with Carrots today^^
I think I must have been super happy to go out, because the whole week I didn't want to go out. I have this weird disorder where I feel that going out during study break is a BAD thing. In fact, if I go out longer than required during my study break, I would often feel completely stressed out.

But today wasn't one of those days, I was happy and excited! LOL~~~
Anyways, we went to Pyramid to watch WATCHMEN..

I give it 2 thumbs up!!
1. It's good. The directing was superb, if you liked 300, i'm sure you'll love watchmen jz as much as its the same director! I loved the way the director focuses on certain things during certain times, eg focusing on the the lips when one is talking etc

2. It's a long movie. It's 2 and a half hours, which makes it even more appealing than watching some 1 hour and 30 mins movie in the cinema. (that's how my brain process, value for each minute or movie, so the longer the movie is, the better! LOL~~)

3. it's darn good!

Quick, go watch it~~~~~~~~~~

side note: I am sad because I havent found my ball dress~~~ Pohyee and renly has got theirs, and somehow I think that the dress that I have been saving up to wear during the ball isnt nice enough T.T

I surveyed Pyramid and found out that the dresses cost at least rm200 T.T
I am like broke right now, I feel poor.
I crave for money right now T.T


Waijane said...

wen yi...watchmen a bit too draggy...i nearly sleep inside the cinema...LOLZ...anyway, the storyline quite ok especially i really din expect the adrian is the bad guy...
All the best to u and study hard =)

WenYi said...

hahaha, yea, it was a bit long, but i think it was cool~~ lol~~~

yup yup~ i didn't expect that either =) hehe~ happy study break to u too~

milochel said...

yes... draggy... me and the bf watched at nite.. almost fell asleep the both of us...

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