Sunday, June 07, 2009

My external harddisk is dying....

I am saddened to know that my external hard disk is dying...

I accidentally dropped it to the floor and directly after the fall, I checked. It was still fine.
Last few days, I wanted to transfer some movies over to the external so that I can enjoy some movies when I get bored in Scotland.

Plugged it in.

*click click click*

I waited a little longer, while the clicking sound continued.
Finally the autoplay button appeared!

But when I clicked on the open to view folder button, the autoplay begins to run AGAIN. = = This cycle repeated itself. And so I'd thought, maybe I could reformat it while it tries to autoplay. But it didn't work.

So I checked online. And found this devastating news.

"If a hard drive makes an ominous clicking sound, it is about to die. Get your data copied immediately. "

Although I wanted to say Rest in Peace my dear external, I couldn't because I jz found out that I have pictures from previous years in it. From 2007 till 2008. = = So GIMME back my files before u die! *grr*

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cucu said...

still got warranty, faster go low yat!

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