Saturday, June 06, 2009


This is gonna be short, I am very very LAZY lately.
I've been procrastinating my Pharm Care Issues (which was supposed to be completed after the hospital attachment. *sigh*) And it's only another 3 days before we're flying!!!

Yes, another 3 days. Come the 10th of June, I'd be in Glasgow, with my ass stuck on the chair, typing my very first post in Scotland! Hohoho~~~~

Anyways, updates for now.

1. I CUT and straightened my hair!!!!

I had it done in some residential house, and so I thought it'd be cheaper. But when the aunty told me it was RM170, I was devastated. I came back feeling all depressed and sad, and worse still, I felt like I lost my feminine side *sigh*

But thankfully I felt much better the next day when ppl told me i look younger! *evil laughter*

2. My external harddisk is SPOILED~~~
A few more days to Scotland and this just had to happen. I'm sooooo kedekut right now, that I will NOT NOT NOT get a new one. SO girls, be prepared to store my stuff for me! (girls = pohyee, renly and chin yeong ;p)

3. My luggage is overweight.
JPA told us all that we could only bring 20kgs. My luggage is 25kgs. = ='' So let's pray it gets through. JPA also told us, that our handcarry should only be 5kg. Mine is 8kgs (it's a backpack, not the cabin luggage, if I had a cabin luggage, i'm sure it'll hit 12kgs! XD)

Okies, that's all for now. See you guys in Scotland!!

Btw, a few weeks ago when I was back in uni and chilled in the student lounge, a junior called Benedict shared this VERY amusing video with me. Enjoy^^


youzhuan said...

oh my god. they did that in the student louge? hahaha. funny...
you look great!haha, and def younger! =p
and oh, luggage weight, i m keeping my finger crossed.
and me too havent touch a thing. bery bery lazy...
see ya soon!

cucu said...

yep! u look younger!! hehehe.. i think my luggage is going to overweight also... huhu..

WenYi said...

yea, they did it in the student lounge. I couldn't believe it either. And initially I thought he was lying about the japanese guy. But that japanese was really from japan and is our junior..doing medic i

haha, everyone's luggage is gonnna be around 25kgs, let's hope MAS won't check! HAHAHAHA~~~

i look young? good^^ hehe~ it's worth the money then! haha~

sinye said...

hahahah darlin, u kw wat i cant stop laughing n at the same time closing my ears wit my hands while watching the clips...
hahah shud i sed i'm proud 2 be imu-rians? or other wise...
kekek damn geng la!!!

u look vy yeng n of course younger my dear!!! looking forward 2 see u in 2 days time.. muacks...

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