Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bagpipes playing out my window...

For the past few days, there has been many ppl playing the bagpipe right outside our hostel.
I find it really nice. Nice songs, nice rhythm and really soothing :)
It inspired me to write this line:
as the sounds of bagpipes fill the room, i am reminded of how blessed i am to actually be here on Scottish soil :) *truly grateful*

Yes, it's like I'd wanted to shout out, "Thank You JPA for sponsoring me here!"
Which is really true, without the scholarship, I'd probably never have gotten the chance to study overseas. And I'd most likely never have gotten the chance to travel around this side of earth:)

Anyways, back to the bagpipes, I'd wanted to record them practicing but somehow I couldn't see them, I could only hear them. So here's a link for a video uploaded by a friend on facebook, hope that you guys can see it :)

And of being grateful, I'd like to share this e-book with you all.
It's called Love Begins with You.
The quote on the book goes,
No commercial Value, Immense Inner Value.

Which is VERY true. It has LOADS of really nice and motivating quote that would keep anyone going :) Enjoy :)

As a sign off, here's a pic of the two dishes i prepared yesterday :)
Thanks mum for making Acha (pickled vege) at home, I learned well i guess, everyone liked it :)
And thank you dad for buying me the Nasi Goreng Briyani powder,
and thank you to devi for cooking wondrous mutton curry.
and thank you to the hsemates who fried beautiful eggs.


youzhuan said...

yea wenyi. amidst all the stress and study, i sometimes took a moment to ponder. and feel the vibe of gratitude. thank u jpa. thank u parents. thank u.thank u.
when u feel truly gratful, u can feel the vibe, and feel the true happiness exuding out from the heart. =))

WenYi said...

yea, i need to do that more often too, feeling grateful is a good thing :)

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