Friday, August 07, 2009

PP3 nightmare

It is a nightmare paper.

First off, it's negative marking. And in the first class test, I already got -250 or more (i forgot, my maths is bad). If getting -110 is considered an improvement, I'd be more than happy. But it's not, it's still a BIG FAT ZERO on the paper = =

It's so bloody depressing. Changing doses apparently are VERY VERY BAD IDEAS. They get you up to -60marks off. Yes. I got deducted -30 and -60 for changing doses on two separate prescriptions. Dose range for maintenance alone ISN' T valid as well (so claimed by Miss Anne) You'd hv to put the dose for initial dose as well (minus another -10 marks). wth.

Then those who didn't change the dose at all, got fewer marks off. Yea. If i didn't change the two darn doses I would at least get positive marks. Bloody brain, think so much la, see what good it does. Screw PP3!!!!!!!!

I forgot that I vowed to be happy. = =''

*smile smile smile* it's working a bit. I think.
Ahh...looking for images of cute cats really work :)

This is gonna be me, when I'm off to Capri :)


ah ken said...

gonna be u,
open legs big big

ChinYeong said...

yes!! we are going capri!!! ^^

WenYi said...

ah ken: i meant i'm gonna chill like the cat la~~~ how come u notice that the legs were open?? ish ish...wat are u trying to say ah? *i'm sooo innocent :p*

chin yeong: hehe...yea^^ capri~~~

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