Friday, August 07, 2009

Reminder to self: Be Happy :)

Peas was a little sad just now cause her results for FMT2 class test was rather disappointing :(

But then, she decided to cheer up and chill a bit. She then bumped into Wen Chin's bloggie, whereby she read this:

'My happiness comes first,
because in the end you will be alone,
and if you die sad
you only have yourself to blame.'

Ryen C. Tayangona (R.D. Nov 2008)

So true. If i myself am not happy, how can anyone else make me happy :)
So cheers to that nice quote!

Peas is gonna try to be a happy cat everyday :)


wen chin said...

glad the quote helped! :)
yea the aim is to be happy and screw the other crappy stuff. :P

WenYi said...

hehe :) it did! thank you^^

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