Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You go girl~

After FMT 2, it's the time to chill. Or maybe not.

FMT 2 was a disaster. Despite being an MCQ or objective type of test, it was hell.
It only had 30 questions, and it's gonna be 30% of the total marks of the subject i.e each question is worth 1 mark.

I did the questions, circled those that I am not sure of the answers. 15 was the number of questions circled. I'm praying hard that I will get 15 marks at least. *prays hard*

Anyways, I was chatting with my mum the other day, and she said she'll be coming over to Scotland. Yes it's a little early to be planning to come visit me, but then cheap flights require early booking~ She said she'll most likely be arriving before my convocation, as she doesn't want to take a leave jz to make it on time for my convo, UNLESS I get an award. @.@

Obviously, i'm not the award material type...so she's not coming for my convo. *wails*
And since FMT 2 was bad, Peas decided to chill for the day =)

She prepared fresh mushroom soup! Yes, those that you boil urself, not those canned version!! Woot~
Homemade Lasagna. Special thanks to PohYee for directing and arranging the lasagna layers >.<

And also Potato Cheese Ham casserole~~ >.<
*this pic was the first time i made the casserole. the one i did yesterday wasn't as nice as the first time =(*

Btw, i forgot to wish my fellow housemate who jz got attached recently. Congrats~ You go girl^^

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Li-V Wee said...

wahhhhhhhhhh. the food..... so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wan!!!!!

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