Saturday, August 14, 2010

A delayed post on my trip to Bentong :)

If you have not heard of Bentong, don't worry, neither did I. But now I do, as my lovely batchmate and kalyana mitra: Miss SinYe is from there!

Bentong is a small place in Pahang, situated really near towards the Pahang-KL border. And best of all, it's DURIAN-HEAVEN!

Yes, for durian lovers like me, it's HEAVEN indeed! The durians that come from there are BEST! Especially the Mau San Wang or Musang Durian! Just the taught of having HAD the soft, aromatic, creamy yellow durian makes my mouth water!!! *nyam nyam*

I am so sorry but this was the only picture of durian which I took throughout the trip, because I was busy munching the durians and had no extra hands for taking pictures :P

Anyways, as Bentong town consists of only TWO main streets (quoted from Miss Sin Ye) our miss "soya sauce" brought us to the Bentong Waterfall.

It looks really really nice, but we were unfortunate as it rained the night before, causing the water to become murky due to the mud, and the current was too strong for us to actually bath in the cool water :S

And since there is a warning that the waterfall is a death zone (kawasan maut), it's best that we don't play play :P

So we just took pictures there, before heading back to SinYe's house for MORE durians^^

Group pic of the girl that day : Chin Yeong, Renly, Me and SinYe


CYeong said...

can pinjam durian's photo from lao shi's fb.. ^^

WenYi said...

haha, yea, i wanted to "grab" his picture from fb too. but i pai seh la..he's a photographer ma, so the copyrights all his ma :P

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