Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

Funny thing is, I haven't found my other half; at least not yet.

Aren't I worried about not finding someone? I am worried, very MUCH worried infact that I may not find my other half anytime soon :S

But my friends around me tell me otherwise, they say,

"Don't worry, everyone has someone. And if you believe it, your knight in shining armour is out there somewhere looking for you. And when he comes, tell him

"What too you so long? I've been waiting for you for the longest time"

Yes, as much as I love to believe that I would too have my own love story, a part of me doubts that. So to say, with the tiny-wheeny bit of doubt, I think I just broken the law of attraction.

Nevertheless, I do want to believe that I will find my other half soon :) *fingers-crossed*
Maybe I will meet a really good-looking doctor once I start working in the hospital :P
Or maybe I will get to meet a really nice guy from erm...the hospital???

And when I do find him, I will try NOT to make the same mistakes which I made in my previous relationship. And this time around, I will definitely go the extra mile to make my relationship work :)

I will try to be the understanding gf that I wasn't in the past.
I will try to be the one who makes him smile.

There's too many I will tryS in my mind right now, but I believe when I meet the right one, everything will fall into place even without me trying :)

And when I do find him, maybe I could revisit Paris with him :)

That's me, with short hair, under the Eiffel Tower last year Sept 2009.

But if I somehow can't find my other half, you'll probably see me beside a lake feeding breadcrumbs to swans or birds..LOL~~

But i think the swans don't like me that much. They are scratching their backs instead = =


-JayLeo™- said...

rmb 2 bring me wo =D

WenYi said...

haha, jayleo, u really want me to bring u to watch the movie? haha~ u're so greedy la, both movies also u wanna go :P

-JayLeo™- said...

haha. it's up 2 u which one u wana bring me for =) as long as u're bringing me. hehe

renly said...

U said i quote 'And when I do find him, I will try to make the same mistakes which I made in my previous relationship.'

U wana TRY to make the same mistakes again??? Mummy don't!!!lol...

jason said...

quoted frm somewhere: "One day, i'll find someone i can laugh with all day, share my deepest secrets with, talk about everything and have the best time of my life. until then, i won't settle for anything less." keep believe in ur own fantasy gal! U're definitely not alone search4 the right one.

WenYi said...

hahaha~ renly..i didnt even notice!!! >.< die la, that means i might make the same mistakes again :P :P

WenYi said...

thanks jason^^

Michael said...

hey wen yi... looks like you had fun... paris is a city to fall in love... hope you find your true love soon. ☺

Pek Chek Kia said...

omg. u been paris b4! *envy*

WenYi said...

thanks michael :)

pck, yea, i've been to paris while i was studying in UK :)

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