Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little motivation~

I know that most of the times I am demotivated.
I'd be sitting either in front of my lappie, surfing the net, facebook-ing, ebay-ing, etc. Basically it feels like I'm wasting my time away.

So in times like this, I would tell myself

Yes, attitude towards life can make a difference in life.

Like this cat for example (cute isn't she?? hehe~)
If you think a cat can't drink using a straw, think again :P

So what's putting us back in everything we do is our attitude.

I think most of us have read from e-mails that when the numerical order of the alphabets are used, the word ATTITUDE itself give us 100%.

And just the other day, I read this:

No one chooses mediocrity,
But many settle for it.

Very true indeed. No one wants to be just the Average Joe, but most of us are (even me). Although being average isn't a bad thing (as there are many others who are less fortunate than we are) there are times when I wish I were more than what I am. And I know that my attitude is the thing that's putting me back. But knowing is one thing, and to fully change my attitude is another :S


jason said...

A little motivation is wat we need sometimes.. Thanks! :)

Michael said...

that's right...

something that can't be done overnight, but if we take one step at a time... we all can be better.

attitude, inspiration and a little faith in ourselves...

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WenYi said...

hehe~ u're welcome jason :)

yup, i really agree with u myke! confidence and faith in ourselves is the most important point, if we dont even trust our own capabilities, who else would :)

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