Friday, August 20, 2010

Graduation in Glasgow

I will be graduating again tomorrow :)
And when I say again, it's because I already had a graduation back in Glasgow (my final year was in Scotland :D) and tomorrow will be the 2nd graduation back in Malaysia :)

It's not like I've graduated with a degree the first time, and this time a PhD, although I wouldn't mind getting a PhD :P :P

It is really nice to be graduating in a foreign land with loads of friends around me :D
The following will be a mini-flashback of how graduation in Glasgow was like.

Meow and Renly entering the graduation hall (Barony Hall to be exact) as a graduand :)

The scenario in the hall upon the arrival of all the VIPs :)
While in the hall I squeezed time to snap a few pics with my Scottish friends :) This is Fiona! She's a lovely girl who hails from Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland) and she was a great host and brought me to Edinburgh Zoo :D

This is a picture of Fiona and I on a more casual occasion, having famous homemade ice-cream in St Andrews :)
Then here's David, Laura, Me, and another Laura (Laura's kind of a common name over

And here's a picture of Me, David and Fiona at the beach at St Andrews. Man, I miss those days :)

Not to forget Duncan who's absolutely cheeky and Keith (the hongkie in Scotland :P)

LOL.. that's Duncan as William Wallace ( the Scottish Hero :P or if you guys watched Braveheart, you guys would know William Wallace as Mel Gibson) and me as a Vampiress :P
Keith and I at the graduation ball :)

Okay, enough of reminiscing on the good times I had in Glasgow (maybe I should stick my ass down and write a summary of my year in Scotland, it'll be really nice to be browsing through the tonnes of pictures I accumulated over the year. If each picture I have is worth a pound, i'll be a rich girl.. LOL.

Back to the graduation in Glasgow :)
While outside the hall, we took all sorts of silly pictures, for example this below..

We're all Harry Potter wannabes :P Actually it's because it was drizzling that day (typical gloomy rainy Scottish weather to mark our graduation day) but it was a day to be remembered.
Ps: Note how the guys are wearing kilts? Cute aren't they? (the kilt la..not the guys :P)

Sad people are we because of the bad weather. Look at how messy our hair is :S

My "family" for a year in Glasgow (with Choong Lii missing in action).
From left to right: KenKen(Vern Xi), Meow, Jay Bee (Cheh Hsia), Cucu (Chin Yeong), Kennethsaur, Baby Renly, Choon Hau (the stick insect), and the not so shy Poh Yee :P

I super like this picture because of the various facial expressions we have while "forcing" Ah Ken's younger bro who's looking smart in his cap and light blue top with a vest :) [Ah Ken: too bad u're longer as cute as ur bro la...:P]

A mini-group picture of my batchmates in P107 :) Yes, we'll be good-looking pharmacists after fulfilling the 1st year as a pre-registered pharmacist (PRP) with the Msian government :p

Alrights, that about sums up my graduation in Glasgow :)
Next post will be on the graduation in Malaysia itself :)


FiSh said...

wow congrats! ;D your parents must be proud of you! teehee

WenYi said...

thanks fish :) haha :) yea, i guess so :D

Michael said...

i absolutely love the pictures wenyi... pictures are a great way of telling stories...

1. i love reading the HP books... i still watch the movie, except for the awesome effects and that the next will come in full 3D, the movies are so nothing in comparison with their book counterparts...

2. you look gorgeous on your graduation ball... i remmber me being geeky... damn, good thing i lost all the pictures... prom was way better... i dated my crush from another university...

3. i wish you goodluck on your journey... as i've said before... and i'll say it yet again: welcome to the real world...

i think i've said enough, lol. looks like an entire blog already!

Show Me YOur Look Today

WenYi said...

Thank you micheal for the long and absolutely heartfelt comment!!

I totally agree with you about pictures. They do tell a million words especially when you take time to go into every single detail :)

Haha~ HP books :) I have them, but I think I stopped reading upon the 4th installment :P

LOL~ you? geeky? I don't believe it, but if you were, then it is indeed a lucky thing that you lost them :P but then again it'll be fun if you still had some to laugh at when u get older :P

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