Monday, August 23, 2010

meowww want ticketssss

Yes. I am joining another contest to get tickets to watch the movie "Cats & Dogs: The revenge of Kitty Galore" *wish me luck* To get the passes all I have to do is write on:

Which is my choice of pet…cat or dog? kitten or pup? Why so? And also state why I want to watch the movie.

Credits for these free passes goes to Advertlets and

As most should know, I do not own any pets as my parents aren't big fans of letting their kids keep pets especially since our hamsters all died within our care. I promise I did not kill the hamsters, although my brother has the nickname "Hamster killer" when he was younger :P

But I do LOVE cats.

I bought this tee because of the grrrr-eat looking feline creature on the shirt!!! Adorable isn't it? Everytime I wear this shirt, people would say that's a cute cat! LOL~

So it's pretty obvious that my pet would be a cat!! My love for the feline creature is well known by my close friends, so much so that my beloved housemate ChinYeong got me this cat-shaped candy for my graduation back in Glasgow :)

Ah Ken holding the cat-shaped candy^^

And yes, I LOVE the cat-looking candy so much so that I forced, not one, but two people to pose with it! LOL~
This time it's Alvin who's holding it. I had wanted more "victims" for my cat-candy, but as you can see, the poor kitty fell on the floor and had it's ears broken off :( Sorry ChinYeong~~

And of course, if I ever get a cat, it'll be a kitten :)
One look at my blog's header and your heart be melted away by the adorable white kitties looking back at you :)

Forgive me for the open mouth, but I was trying to look out for other ppl who would look after the poor kitten who has lost her mother..I wish I could bring her back home, but my friends went:

"Bring the cat into the car, and both u and the cat are OUT"

So the poor kitty had to be left behind. I could still remember it mew-ing for the longest time after we left it behind :'(

So please please gimme the tickets to watch the movie cause I really do want to see how cats and dogs work together in some paw-kicking action against the skinny and hairless kitty galore!!

Please pretty please~

If I dont get the tickets, meowwww (me) would probably be hidding myself between bamboo trees while eating an apple :(

And just for laughs, here's the trailer to the movie. Enjoy :)

1 comment:

jason said...

OMG! i wanna take part in tis comp too!! But i'm in d middle of mid term exam nw.. Darn it!

Anyway, gud luck n al d best in winnin those movie tickets ya.. I heard they'l gv away Two pairS of tickets RitE, :P hehe.. may god bles u tis one ^^

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