Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's time to be grateful for what I have

Just the other day I watched this really touching video about a 23-year old participant in China's Got Talent. Yes, there is a China version of Britians' Got Talent and I didn't know it existed till I watched the video. LOL.

The guy is called Liu Wei and he played the song Mariage d'Amour (by Richard Clayderman) using his feet. Yes, his feet because he lost his arms as a young boy of the age of 10. Here's the video below of his life and how what he thinks of life (with English subs of course :P)

As sad as it is, I don't think that he deserves pity. But instead he should be given all the respect for he is a living proof that life still goes on, regardless what you have. All we need is to be contented with what we have in life and utilize it to the maximum.

To be really honest, I had wanted to write a post on myself today (as I think most of my new friends from the blogosphere don't really know what I studied or what I'm doing for that matter). But after watching this video, I think that my story can wait as it is nothing compared to Liu Wei's.

Much is to be learned from him. Much is there to remind us to be grateful.

Watching the video makes be ashamed of how I live my life. I complain too much sometimes, forgetting that I am indeed blessed.

I may not be living a fancy large house,
I may not be driving a posh car,
I may not own a LV bag,
I may not be the most good looking chick in town,
I may not have the perfect family that the sitcoms portray,
My love live is non-existent.... :S

But,I am blessed and lucky to be having a healthy body, a right mind, my parents alive and kicking (though nagging at times because they care), my siblings and friends around me, living in a peaceful country without a bloody war (political wars exist, but at least we're still alive).

There is much to be thankful about if I really sit down and think about it. Lucky am I to have my education sponsored by the government. (yes, I am a JPA scholar) and lucky am I to be able to type this post using my fingers instead of my feet. And the list would probably continue if I type this any longer..LOL

So I guess the moral is to count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have :)

btw, I got a new pair of specs!

Meow with the typical "siu mui mui" or "little girl" pose with my new specs :)

ps. I know I'm getting too old for such pictures, but I've gotta take more of pictures before I start work or else it'll be too late :P

pps. The next post will be on myself :)


jason said...

OMG!!!! i'd upload a post tat i played Tat song and my skils are really no match wit his feet. Oh god, i'm highly respect wit his +ve attitude of livin! (Selute!) yes, i feel lucky2 hv my both hands attached to my body n write tis comment usin my fingers too.

Bravo2 u gal, u were a jpa scholar. after watchin tis video, try2 use ur feet wisely ya, hehe.. take care~! ^^

P.S. feel free to check out mine marriage de amour.

WenYi said...

really??? haha, at least u can play the piano! i cant..

yup, really salute his positive attitude in life :) haha, i will try to use my feet wisely!!

okay, will check out ur video :) and thanks for commenting :)

James said...

WenYi, thank you so very much for sharing this story.I've posted the story on 'Poems from the Heart'. Thanks to you, it is the very first video ever posted on 'Poems from the Heart'. Words or even poems cannot even express this special 'Music from the Heart'. I've added your link to 'Poems from the Heart' blog.. You are a most talented writer. Thank you again. James - 'Poems from the heart' blog

James / Poems of the Heart said...

I've taken the video off of my blog and have instead installed a link to your post on your site instead. Maybe it will bring you a little more traffic. Take care and again, thank you for sharing that special story and video with your followers.. Take care.. James

WenYi said...

Thank you very much James for linking me in your blog :) I really do appreciate it :) Take care~

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