Monday, August 23, 2010

I almost burnt my kitchen!!!

I nearly burnt my kitchen while wanting to cook red bean "tong sui" *sigh*

I had soaked the red bean since I got up in the morning (because beans are supposed to be soaked for a few hours so that they soften easily when you cook it), and just now, I put them into the pot and left them to be boiled.

While the pot of red bean was boiling, I left the kitchen and planted my lazybum in front of my lappie, surfing the internet and "maintaining" my blog (replying comments in the chatbox i.e blog-walking + clicking ppl's ads), plus I was chatting on both MSN and twitter at the same time. Thus I completely forgot that I left that half pot of red bean boiling under full fire = =

While in front of my lappie, I smelled something burning and thought it was someone burning something outside (you know how chinese ppl like burning incense and papers for their ancestors? it smelled exactly like it's the 7th month of the lunar calender right now, you know, hungry ghost festival and all)

After awhile, the smell got so strong that I immediately jumped up and ran into the kitchen and found this:

It's horrible. The kitchen now stinks of smoke, and the pot is blacker than black = =

Whats worse, the red beans became black beans! = =

On a side note, I'm lucky the pot didn't explode! But now I have to scrub the hell out of it :S
I'm also lucky that I'm no longer staying in the hostel back in Glasgow, if not I would hv triggered the fire alarm = =


~SiMoN~ said...


my gawd !! wat course did u study ? pharmacy?

how are we going to trust u next time when u giving prescription to us ? XD

WenYi said...

simon wong! ure soo mean! how can u laugh at me :(

yea, i did pharmacy, choi ah? :P
haha, u say one ya, u better not ask me for any drugs when i become a legal pharmacist :P :P

Poems from the Heart said...

Don't feel bad WenYi.. I'm such a bad cook that I can burn water. Our microwave burned out, so I was boiling water in a pan on the stove for tea, and I forgot about it until I could smell the pan burning.. What an ugly smell. The only thing is that I did that 3 times in one day. I think I need to stay away from the stove.. Ha.. Blogging and writing poems is better for me anyway.. HAHA.. Take care WenYi..


WenYi said...

James, hahaha. You can burn water? and 3 times in a day?? Haha, that's very bad. You should indeed stay FAR away from the stove before anything else happens!!

Wen Yi

WenYi said...
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youzhuan said...

oh i burnt this soup several times back in glasgow. Thank god didnt trigger the fire alarma!

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