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MySelangor Story| Day 4 - Chill-ax-ing Day at Pyramid!

Day 4!! Vote here^^

Just in case you didn't read Day 3 (please read it here^^), I spent the night over at a homestay village called Sungai Haji Dorani, whereby myself, Denise, MsXeroz and Dania where placed under the care of these two sweet ladies.

It was great to have their company for the night as opposed to sleeping all ALONE in a superior deluxe room Genting on then 2nd night (read it here). The funny thing was although we were all tired after a long day's trip, we couldn't sleep :S

Maybe it's the sudden down-grade from a superior deluxe room to a mosquito-infested-master bedroom-with-two-not-so-comfy-double beds.

Or maybe it's just because when you have four girls together, our mouths can't seem to keep themselves shut. lol.

Maybe we should have thrown ourselves a slumber party that night :S

Ahh...I really regret that we didn't cam-whore together in the bedroom *sad betul*

But nevertheless, we did manage to get some beauty sleep and woke up early in time for breakfast: ketupat with chicken rendang. We even had time to say our farewells to our lovely hosts.

That's me, Kak Hani in the pink tudung and MakCik Haliwati (my "sifu" in ketupat-making)

A group picture of the MySelangor Story bloggers!
(credits to Spectre)

Once we took the group pictures, at 9.35am we boarded our VIP 3-seater bus and left Dorani Homestay.

Bye-bye Dorani Homestay *blows a kiss*

Bus-ride again

By now I was kinda numb to sitting on the bus, I think my butt sized increased by an inch or so especially after the long hours on the bus the day before. LOL.

Most of the bloggers slept on the bus, while I was being super-hardworking :P

That's me writing up my Day 1 and Day 2 posts using my trusted lappie :)
(credits to Spectre)

Okay, that's a not the 100% truth, my lappie can only survive 2hours at max using the battery, so halfway round the journey I'd either be chatting with Feeq, who became my pet bro through the trip, or getting a power nap.


Sunway Pyramid

Okay, being a Klangite (person from Klang) I forgot the countless times that I've been to Sunway Pyramid or Pyramid (for short) e.g. I was there on Merdeka Eve with my friends and enjoyed ice-skating. So to be honest, I went

"not again"

when I found out that we're going to Pyramid as part of the contest.

But my thought's that my visit to Pyramid would be boring was proved wrong.

First of all although I've been to Pyramid a LOT, it's usually for window-shopping. Never have I stayed in any of the Sunway Hotels [Sunway has two hotels in the area: Sunway Resort Hotel & Pyramid Tower Hotel].

And thanks to
Sunway City Berhad the official Integrated Resort for MySelangor Story, we the bloggers got to spend not one, but TWO nights in the Pyramid Tower Hotel!


After we checked into our rooms, where my roommate was Jing Yi, we quickly gathered again at the hotel's lobby for lunch. I was super hungry by that time. In fact, I was almost hungry all the time during the contest, which explains why I've put on weight *sigh*

But hungry or not, when it comes to taking pictures, girls will stop everything else and pose for the camera!!

(from left to right: Me, MsXeroz, Dania, ChiaLi and Jing Yi)
p.s: Do go and read their blog and if you like it *I'm sure you will* vote for them as well :)

Lunch was arranged by Sunway City Berhad at Mantra Restaurant and Bar, located at on the ground floor i.e the ice skating ring balcony, which was conveniently near to Pyramid Tower Hotel!

The restaurant served us great indian cuisine in a buffet-style :)




After lunch, we were given a great news by our "mummy" Amelia!

We had the whole day FREE!!!

Yes, no need to travel around and we were given all the time to loiter around Pyramid. (If only we had the free time in Kanching Waterfalls instead!!)

So, some of us formed a little group to "discover" what Pyramid has to offer.
The first crazy thing that we did was thanks to MsXeroz.

Guess what she did?

Fuyoh...look at the crowd of bloggers around her! Like paparazzi right?

Well the whole thing started because MsXeroz told us that the customer service in Pyramid is superb. So to prove the fact, we did an experiment.


Customer Service in Sunway Pyramid is good.


Sending MsXeroz to terrorize ask a few questions e.g.

"what are the things to do in Sunway Pyramid"

Conclusion: Hypothesis proven!

Yes, the sweet lady patients explained the many questions aimed at her and even posed for the bloggers in the end :)

p.s: There is also a tourist police office right outside Pyramid for travelers who would like to learn more about tour packages in Selangor. (see if you can spot me in the pic :P)

What followed the mini-experiment, is I what I call

"jia pa bo tai ji zho"session (in hokkien)

or when translated directly to english goes:

eat full-full nothing to do session
(okay, it doesn't make any sense, does it?)

In other words, we did loads of non-nonsensical posing around Sunway Pyramid. These pictures shall give you a glimpse on what "jia pa bo tai ji zho" means :P

Posing on the railway tracks of the imaginary Sunway Pyramid KTM Station

Run forest, run!

Goodbye, we're leaving our loved ones~~ *waves*
Me and MsXeroz acting funny.

LOL. Aren't those pictures amusing?

Well, a little more serious stuff now. Just for the information for those who aren't from Selangor or KL, Sunway Pyramid is a really large shopping mall. In fact it's one of my favourite malls in town because I really like the concept while they have: different themed-sections.

Which has the interior designed in Moroccan flavours, and shops which sell stuff from the middle eastern country.

Girls posing on a connecting bridge in the Marrakesh section of the mall.

While posing, we caught this pizza!

There is also this section called the Asian Avenue.

The shops at this section sell a wide array of clothes for youngsters :)

In fact Pyramid is so huge a mall that there's even a indoor ferris wheel!

It's own digital centre, where you can get all your IT gadgets from.

And also it's own ice-skating rink!

(In fact it's the only one that I know of in Selangor! Except for the ancient ice-rink in Mines, which I think has now closed down)

After all that, we finally decided to return to our rooms to get some nap before we were required to gather again for dinner :)


Private time

So back in the room, I cam-whored. LOL

Then I decided to take out my lappie to transfer the pictures which I took and then cam-whored some more. Simon, I told you this post is gonna be LOADED with my cute pics! XD


Dinner *nom nom nom*

I was initially really hyped out about having dinner at the Sun & Surf Cafe as I heard that they served a great variety of delicious food.

But, to be really honest, I was kind of disappointed. Although we, the bloggers, got in for free, the thought of having to pay RM78++ for the buffet dinner there saddened me.

Why so?

1. We didn't get any drinks except for iced water (and tea or coffee..which we only found out in the end when one of the bloggers asked. Shouldn't they at least come over and ask what we'd like?)

2. Although the spread was pretty good (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Grilled, Kebab..erm..I forgot the rest :S) the taste of the food wasn't something to shout about.

Nevertheless, I got my stomach filled!

Round 1: Fruits

(Yes, I start with fruits. I don't think it's medically proven yet, but the "experts" in food diet says that fruits should be taken before meals. In fact, they should be taken during day time on an empty stomach at least 20-30mins before a meal in order for better absorption of the vitamins :)

Round 2: Assorted sushi and seafood.

Round 3:

Grilled lamb, prawns & Taiwan Sausage.

p.s: the lamb was burnt and the meat was so tough I only took 2 bites out of it *food wastage i know*

Round 4:

I took rice and some assorted chinese cuisine (forgot to take a pic though)

Round 5:


The selection of desserts at the cafe.

And finally, Round 6:


(as you can see, the ice-cream melted really fast making it all so messy = =)


Night Walk

After filling up our stomachs, we decided to take a night walk around Pyramid to allow time for the stomach to digest. Well, basically it's another "jia pa bo tai ji zho"session. LOL.

Fancy chandelier in the lobby of Sunway Resorts Hotel

Sunway Resorts Hotel

I love this picture taken by Tian Chad

The best part of our night walk has got to be the fancy light decorations outside of Sunway Pyramid itself! These lovely lights are put up every now and then around Pyramid, and will be changed according to the festivities in Malaysia :)

Seeing all the lovely light decorations reminded me of the lights we saw in i-city on the first day :)

So that about sums up Day 4 in Sunway Pyramid!!

Last but not least, my signature pose!

This time with MsXeroz as my partner^^

Please vote for Day 4 here^^

Stay tuned for Day 5 of MySelangor Story!


Wen Yi


Jeje said...

Nice nice ^^
Really a delightful blog i like to stay lazy on reading...
It seems that Malaysia is soooo cheap!!!! Especially for food haha :p
I love the style your using to write your stories. It makes me laugh ^^
Go on with more pictures of yourself :p
You'll definitely win hihi
I might become a one-time-christian and pray for your success *huhu this is bad (o>_<o)

WenYi said...

jerome^^ thanks so much for being my loyal reader!!!!! I am so happy that you read my posts, and I am even happy that you like them as well!!

Yes, Malaysia is cheap especially when you are earning in Euros!! hehe~ Yup, I will be putting all my nicer pictures in the next post!

haha, it's okay, you don't need to be a one-time christian. Your well wishes are more than enough^^

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

wahhh!! looks like lotsa fun!! and such long entries! LOL it took me a while to read all 4 days. hahaha im a lazy reader but ur style and pics got me hooked anyway. XP

POUR OIL some more! all the best ya! i've been voting,hope that helps! go girl! ;)

~SiMoN~ said...

hahahahahaha.. this post -- > no good no good !!! TOO MANY FOOD-PHOTOS LAR~~~~~ making me so hungry now.. arrgghh~~~

Spectre said...

OMG i gain at lest 5 pound last week thank to sunway ! -.-

ps: I forget to take your girls pix or video while sleeping XD *darn*

RedButtockz Wern said...

me likey that photo taken by TianChad.. it looks like Denise is touching a real deer xD
me likey that light deco photos too ^^

The Wanderer said...

I shall now eat my fruits first before main course :D Thank you for the tip!

Ah pretty pretty lights :) HAHAH..I like the bloated fish photo of you. SO cute!

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