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MySelangor Story| Day 5 - Fantastic Finale~

Day 5 marks the end, well almost the end of the entire MySelangor Story as this night was the last night and final time whereby all the bloggers gathered as a complete group :'(

As this post will be SUPER long *as usual* because
day 5 of the contest is one hell of a day! So let's skip pictures of the yummy-li-cious-breakfast at Atrium Cafe, Pyramid Tower Sunway and head straight to our first visit of the day :)

Fertilizing a baby?

Yes. You can fertilize your own baby at Tropicana Medical Center(TMC)!

This was our first stop of the day, and no, we did not stop by the medical center because someone fell sick or anything, but honestly, I personally think that we visited the center simply because Tropicana Medical Center is the official Medical Center for MySelangor Story :S

Despite that, I found myself strangely attracted to the hospital. Perhaps it's because I am a pharmacist and thus something related to the medical field interests me. Nah..not that, it's because there's *ahem...clears throat*

a SEMEN collection room. LOL~

And yes, we got to see the room of course, and it focuses on giving privacy and comfort to the males so that they will be able to "produce" *ahem once again* semen which is creme de la creme~~ *Yes, good quality semen = more good quality sperms = good quality babies!* So guys, make sure you get your creme de la creme sperm to fertilize your other half's ovum. *too scientific? :P

The "private" room for the guys to view selected 18-SX-videos which will stimulate productivity XD *Note Amber Chia's picture hanging on the wall. LOL. Does she really make every guy wet? I mean wild no wait...okay, I can't find a more decent word.. XD*

Well, basically I love this really scientific picture chart which shows the the formation of a human life. It's really informative!

Okay, now that I've got your attention, let's get back to serious stuff :)

Upon arriving
TMC at 9.40am, we were greeted by Mr. Alan Chin, the marketing manager, who was really nice and friendly.

The bloggers listening intently to the short briefing.
(Note the cameraman at the far left? He's Afzal from TV Selangor (the official Online TV for the contest)! Plus there's Mr. Alan Chin (the tall guy in formal suit) 3rd from the right)

To be really honest, TMC is the second private medical center that I've ever stepped in my entire life, so far. The first one is a small private hospital near my house where I'd only visit to get my body check-up done. So this is my first time getting a VIP-tour around a private hospital!!

We were brought around the various centres in TMC, namely the Imaging & Image guided Surgery Centre whereby some very high-tech-state-of-the-art imaging machines are found!

Me with the CT or Computed Tomography machine

That's Thristhan fooling around while Tian Chad gets himself stuck in the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine. lol.

The most memorable part when taking this picture is the fact that prior to entering the room, all the three guys in the picture had to empty their pockets from all metal objects. It was then it hit me hard that guys seriously do not like keeping coins, cause I saw loose coins. I'm lucky ladies wallet have a coin compartment!!

Somehow I guess I really did enjoy myself by observing the surroundings in the hospital, the working personnels and the patients, as we visited the other centres in TMC.

The Rehabilitation Centre, where we were brought around by Dr Brandon Lee the Rehabilitation Manager himself.
And I found this really sweet, a Thank You card from a patient to Dr Brandon.

When I saw this, I reminded myself that being in the health care profession is indeed a great career indeed. I am more than thankful to be given a chance to help people and probably even touch their lives, but I secretly hope that I won't endanger their lives by giving them a wrong dose by mistake *touch wood*

We also made our way to the Heart and Vascular Centre.
The Women's Specialist Centre

The Children's Centre
I really enjoyed walking around the children's centre as it was brightly colored and I saw this little kid enjoying himself with his parents in the playroom :)

There's even a ZOO in TMC :P

Remember the room with Amber Chia's picture? That room is part of the Fertility Centre.

In fact, the hospital management takes pride in the TMC Fertility Centre which was formerly known as Damansara Fertility Centre (since 1994).

Some of their many achievements over the years in Malaysia!
(note: HIGHEST IVF(in-vitro fertilization) rates! *wow*

A picture of all the IVF babies that have been successfully conceived!
This section is the one that I enjoyed the most, in fact, my group of bloggers spent a really long time in this section, while the other group had their morning break earlier.

I asked a few questions especially after I found out this bit of information from Mr Alan Chin.

IVF Conception Twins which were born 1.5 years apart!

It amazed me that the centre had the technology to store a embyro baby safely for at least half a year before it was implanted in the mother again in 1996!!! This then triggered my interested in the Stem Cell storage services offered by the centre (link), and got me asking several questions regarding the issue.

Stem Cells are sort of like the "wonder drug" currently. In fact much research has been conducted on it, as stemcells are the main cells in the body which have the ability to grow into any cells in the body. That's the basic which I learned in uni.

All along I had the perception that as adults, stemcells can only be collected from the spinal cord (I think I saw that from an episode of House :p) , but Mr Alan informed us all that the current technology allows the harvesting of stem cells without the invasive and painful procedure, however, it does cost a lot more compared to harvesting the stem cells from the cord blood upon the birth of a baby. Yup, I'll most probably be storing my future-baby's cord blood with TMC :D

You may be thinking,

"Wah seh, you're not even married! Yet you're thinking of your baby??"

I know it's silly, but hey, that's how I operate. I'm far-sighted okay? :P

Overall, it was a great and enlightening session at
Tropicana Medical Center(TMC)!

I really like the ambiance in the hospital

and best of all, I had a memorable time there!

Tropicana Medical Center(TMC)

11, Jalan Teknologi,
Taman Sains Selangor 1,
PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel : +603 6287 1111
Fax : +603 6287 1212
Website : www.tropicanamedicalcentre.com
Email : marketing@tropicanamedicalcentre.com



After TMC, we headed back to Sunway Pyramid for lunch at Frames! It's situated right next to Starbucks, on the ground floor of Pyramid.

It's a really nice concept restaurant, decorated with well, photo frames!

And as usual, being a MySelangor Story blogger means we get a special menu, whereby we can select our very own main dish :D
credits to spectre

A funny picture which I simply adore thanks to Spectre again
I just love such pictures whereby everyone has different facial expression. I'll leave it up to you guys to decipher the hidden meaning behind each smile/smirk/gasp/the macho dude flexing his muscle.. lol.

While at the other table, the bloggers look more serious. I wonder if it's because their food has arrived, so perhaps they were all digging into the yummy food and had no time to pose around like me >.<
Just by looking at the pictures, you can see that the main course looks good, and yes..it tastes good as well :D Even the dessert rocks!

My Dark Chocolate Brownie! *nom nom nom*
note the yellow drink at the background, that's called the Mango Kafir Blast and it has got to be the best drink of the DAY!!!!

Before leaving Frames, my pet-bro ChingYih whom I met via blogging managed to drop by to say hi to the other bloggers!


Fun Times at Sunway Lagoon!!

I had already knew from Day 1 of the contest itself that we'd be visiting Sunway Lagoon, and boy was I anticipating for the day to arrive Sunway Lagoon!! Yes! ALL the 5 parks:

Extreme Park
Scream Park
Amusement Park
Water Park
Wildlife Park

I guess I must have been one of the more hyper bloggers around as I was going around, trying to get almost everyone to get on the rides with me! lol~

Initially I tried talking my way into brain-washing Dania to get onto the rides but I failed miserably.

That's Dania going all oh-la-la as the puts sunblock on herself *lol* while Jing Yi (in yellow) and Denise looks on.

In fact my attempts on getting Dania to ride with me began on Day 2 in Genting Highlands, but even as the contest comes to an end, my attempts prove futile in converting her into a dare-devil *sad face*

So then I concluded that brain-washing doesn't help, so I tried brute force!
That's MsXeroz and I trying to get Feeq on board Pirate's Revenge using our manly womanly "charms".

Unfortunately that did NOT work out as well *sigh* so I was left being the only girl on board the ride along with the boys with balls: SY, Tian Chad, Dylan, Citra, Thristhan, and Max!

The Pirate's Revenge!

The best part about this ride is the fact that it made two complete 360 degree turns which made my hair hang upside down. I'd probably look like Ju-on to the kid who was sitting opposite me. lol. Tian Chad was supposedly taking a video of us on the ride, and there I was happily shouting to the digital camera while looking like Ju-on. Lo and behold, Tian Chad said

"opps, I think didn't record the whole ride"

Yes. Bummer.

But that small bit did not stop me from having fun. It's a theme park for goodness sake! Plus with such a great company, there was nothing that stopped me from going all out enjoying almost every ride I saw. LOL.

One of my favourite rides in Sunway Lagoon:

Given the fact that we were once again pressed for time, I am really proud to say that I covered most of the highlighted rides in the Amusement Park!

The Grand Canyon River Cruises

and the canyon riders!
Next was The Lost City of Gold!
Happy bloggers while queuing for the awesome ride!

Colorado Ride!

the view from ground level
A snapshot of the guys who climbed all the way up for the ride!
and the view of the way down!
We also walked on the World's Longest Suspended Pedestrain Bridge at 428metres in length!!

a snapshot on the bridge

Let's SCREAM your LUNGS out!

We also got to enter the Scream Park!! It's one of the latest extension to Sunway Lagoon and is basically a really BIG haunted mansion!

Confession time.
I actually knew that we were going to Sunway Lagoon even before Day 1 of the contest (No, it's not because I'm a genius, although I do wish I were one, but rather because I saw that Sunway is one of the main sponsors for the contest, so of course I knew that the bloggers will be visiting Sunway) So prior to the contest, I visited Sunway Lagoon's website to check out what Scream Park is all about [here]. In that page, Prison break is mentioned, and thus I was expecting to see a Wentworth Miller look-alike-zombie there :P

Unfortunately, when we were there, we were told that Prison Break is NO longer running in the Scream Park!

I went,


Then one of the staff explained that the whole concept of Prison Break was to let daredevils who entered find their very own way out of the scary prison, but apparently a lot of customers complained about getting lost in the park :S

Once again, that didn't stop me from entering Scream Park! The wait was a little long because as I said, it's a really big haunted house, so we needed to wait in line as only a limited number of people can enter the house at a time. So if the group in front of you looks like the kind of person who'd pee-in-their-pants-chicken, congratulations to you! You'd probably wait longer in queue while they get chickened out in Scream Park MsXeroz went

"Don't come near me....go AWAY lah"

with her eyes shut when the "ghosts" tried to scare her! LOL~

I also loved the Rumah Hantu section of the Scream Park, whereby we were required to wear 3D glasses in the haunted house! I find it a really new idea and I loved the creativity that I saw.

Simple strokes on walls using different paints
the use of UV lighting
3D glasses
Awesome 3D effects!

Although I was a little jumpy while walking in Scream Park, I didn't scream much thanks to my pet-bro Feeq whom I used as a human shield at most times >.< style="font-weight: bold;">Rumah Hantu :)
And Terror Tunnel got me dizzy after walking thru it! *fun fun fun*

I do apologize for the lack of pictures, but it's a rule by the management whereby photography within the Scream Park is not allowed.


To the EXTREME Park

Before entering the themepark, I was telling everyone that I wanna go bungee jump!
Look at how happy I was even at the entrance.

But upon arrival at the bungee jump station, which is along the suspended bridge, I was this!The best part was I didn't bring ENOUGH CASH nor did I bring my MyKad to the theme park *sigh* So in the end, my hopes of jumping off the bridge was dashed. But I believe that I will be back for the jump sometime in the future!! :D

So instead of bungee jumping, I queued up for Flying Fox along with Max and two of the bloggers from Indonesia: Citra and Husni! (citra, I nak gambar flying fox :P)

I also took the opportunity to try out my skills as an archer at the Archery Section!

Bulls eye?? Nah...looks like this group of bloggers aren't archers, we're more like posers..lol
Unhappy with not getting a bulleye, I went off for more shooting practice at the Target Shooting range!

This time, I got a bulleye! *evil laugh*

I also went on board the Power Jump Bungee Trampoline!

The happy girls jumping around: Dania and I
Yup, I basically tried almost everything that did not require extra charges (Bungee Jump & G-force) in the extreme park! Well almost everything except for the ATV ride!

KK enjoying his ATV ride!

Getting wet at the Water Park!

By the time we completed the Extreme Park, it was already 5pm i.e. time to leave the park as we had to gather in the lobby by 6pm to depart to our great dinner place. So I really regret as to not having more time to try out:


It's the latest attraction in the theme park! It's a surf simulator whereby water lovers can try out how to surf and wakeboard! But one look at the queue and the time, I quickly decided that we didn't have time for surfing. So instead, we managed to squeeze some time for another two rides at the Cameroon Climb :)

Dylan and Tian Chad after the first round of water ride!
Overall, I had a really great time in the theme park, so i'll definitely be back the for a next time. And i'll make sure I'll spend the WHOLE day in the park so that I won't miss ANY rides! lol..

p.s: If you guys are planning to go topless at the theme park, please work out so that you won't look like this in a random person's picture. lol...

I'm at Haven!

I seriously felt as if I was at heaven at Haven Restaurant, Ampang Lookout Point!

Perhaps it's the fact that we, the bloggers, we warmly greeted by Haven's staff upon arrival in their restaurant, despite the fact the fact that we were actually almost 2 hours late, as we were stuck in the extremely bad traffic around the city area while on the way to Haven.

I was genuinely touched by the enthusiasm and great services provided by their staff! As the management of Haven knew we were all starving upon arrival, they reduced their introduction and quickly released us to the great spread of food which they served!!

The food was superb! The was even lobster salad as starters! *nom nom nom*
And the main course served to the bloggers were ALL amazingly delicious!

A funny incident happened in Haven whereby both Denise and Feeq ordered beef ribs. Both their dishes were served at the same time, and within 30mins or so, Feeq de-boned and finished his meal, while Denise was still struggling at the 2nd piece of rib using a butter knife. lol. Once the waiter noticed it, he quickly ran off and got Denise a proper meat cutting knife! The best part was Denise was so touched she teared *awwwww*

I had a look at their menu, and am happy to see that the food is not overpriced. I find it to be about the same price range as Chilli's or TGIFs, but I personally think that visiting Haven is wayyy more worth the value because at Haven you'll get a great view of KL city! Combined with the relaxing and romantic ambiance Haven Restaurant makes a great place for any couple/love birds to visit!

More pictures of the bloggers at Haven at Haven's Facebook page [here]
For more details on Haven and their recent activities do join their facebook page! [Join :D]
Alternatively, you can also visit their blog for more information :)

Btw, Haven's having a photography competition starting from the 15th of November 2010, so those who are interested do check out the details here :)

I shall end my post on Day 5 with this great picture of me at Haven.
Credits to KK the great photographer!

Wen Yi


Michael said...

i hate hospitals that's i try to be healthy as i can be...

and LOL on some parts... wet? come on wenyi, you can do better than that! hahaha

lottssaa FUN! keep at it my friend... take care!

Show Me Your Look Today

RedButtockz Wern said...

"man with balls" LOL like ur statement..
awhhh you look sweet in the last photo =)

Spectre said...

at lest we end the mss with bang!

azuan said...

Amber Chia? Wahhhhhhh *wet*


I miss Haven's good food!

~SiMoN~ said...

Ish.. seems like u got special treatment from Haven.

try go there as a normal person. the food wouldn't be tat great anymore. :p

Zhi Yu Lee a.k.a. Victor said...

It was really a pity that I didn't get to see the wall of IVF babies.Great that you've written it =)
Gambateh, super senior =p

--andy-- said...

no morgue? that would be eerie and once-in-a-lifetime experience. I like hopital tour, as i always wonder what lies around the hospital corridors. Voted Day 5 :)

ai xin said...

reading your blog likes bringing me travel around selangor :P


WenYi said...

myke: haha, yea, wet was the best I could come up with. lol. Yup, staying healthy by exercising and practicing a healthy lifestyle is by far the best remedy!!!

redbuttockwern: hehe, thank you dear^^ it's true ma, those guys who don't dare to ride those extreme rides are ball-less :P :P

spectre: yea man! we did end it with a bang!!

azuan: hahaha...didn't know SOO many ppl like Amber Chia >.< yup, i miss the food too! too bad my camera's battery died so I didnt get many pictures of the food *sigh*

simon: haha, yup, we did get VIP treatment in Haven indeed!!!

victor: haha, super junior!! the IVF babies is one of the most interesting thing in the hospital!

andy: choi~~ no morgue la.. haha, but the current hospital that i am working now has a morgue :P thanks for voting^^

aixin: thank you girl^^

The Wanderer said...

weneism means an act of being a daredevil. full stop :P

WenYi said...

wanderer: lol...love that statement! "weneism means an act of being a daredevil. full stop"

me likey <3

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