Friday, October 08, 2010

MySelangor Story| Day 6 - An End to a Wonderful Beginning~

This post marks the end of MySelangor Story.

It's really a pity that the contest came to an end, I was really enjoying myself and in fact on day 5 itself, most of the bloggers shared a similar thought:

"I don't want the contest to end!"

Yes, we love being in the My Selangor Story. We love being able to travel around together, despite being in the bus for long hours was a pain in the ass (literally). I really enjoyed myself throughout the competition so much so that it didn't feel like a competition at all.

Truth be told, this contest is biggest blogging contest that I have ever joined in my life! It's really the biggest, I am not kidding. I've only joined blogging contests to get free movie tickets and that's about it. So My Selangor Story is indeed the biggest contest I've taken part in and I am really thankful that I was given a chance to be in it! I sincerely have no regrets what-so-ever in taking part in this contest.

However I was a little skeptical about joining the contest especially on Day 1, because I know that the other bloggers are more professional than myself. Some of them are full-time bloggers, some of them are famous bloggers with more than 500 visits to their blog each day (if not more!), and some of them are professional photographers who started blogging to show the world their artistic photographs. Yes, I got a little scared and embarrassed because when some bloggers start snapping away with their big DSLR, my tiny Samsung camera looks like a toy beside them. lol. But after awhile I got used to the feeling of being a part of the "media" and realized that all those criteria doesn't really matter.

Personally I wanted the trip to continue because I really love the company throughout the trip! I've meet all sorts of different persons in this trip, from young to old, from different races and even different nationalities. But regardless of the differences we hold, I think that bloggers are generally fun-loving people because all of them infused the trip with happiness in their own way. Thus there wasn't really a boring moment in the trip because there's always things to do and see and people to talk and have fun with :)

I really do want to mention each and every one of the 26 bloggers who made it to the trip, but to be really honest, I really regret that I didn't take more initiative to talk to each and everyone of the blogggers, especially those from Indonesia as I was a little worried that they may not understand my Malay :S

I'll start by introducing our four Indonesian friends :)

First there's Fadly, whom I find to be really serious. I seldom see him smiling, whenever I see him, he's always with his white Pentax DSLR snapping away. Here's a picture of him with his Pentax at Kanching Waterfalls on Day 3
Second is the funny dude Alid!
LOL. Yes, that's how Alid looks and acts most of the time: crazy!!

Thirdly is Husni, whom speaks surprisingly good english with a wee-bit of American accent.
That's myself, Max and Husni while queueing up for Flying Fox on Day 5 of the contest in Sunway Lagoon. Fun times indeed!

And last but not least, Citra: the shy one.I realized that I didn't get any pictures with him, so I visited his blog and grabbed this picture of him and the world's largest tankard made of pewter at Royal Selangor Visitors Center on Day 2.

Other than bloggers from Indonesia, there's a lone-blogger from Singapore: SYlistic!
He's really thin and tall! What amazed me is the fact that he's a travel blogger who gets to go for free or subsidized trips overseas. I am honestly envious of him, he went to Japan a few days after the MySelangor Story ended! Man, I wish someone would sponsor me to go to Japan. If they do, I wouldn't mind doing a coverage titled "Cheapest way to travel in Japan!" LOL~

Alrights, now that I'm done introducing the non-Malaysians, it's now time to talk about the fellow Malaysian kakis!

The first one who came into mind is Feeq! Not because he was the first blogger I bumped into right at the start of the contest in Day 1, but mainly because he became my pet-bro, whom apparently gets bullied by me, throughout the trip! lol~
Feeq's a really famous blogger, who tries his very best to balance between his part-time blogging career and life as a student. He's always running around throughout the contest with not one, but TWO cameras! In fact, he's really famous in the contest as the "fish-eye-boy" because he always uses his fish-eye lens to capture group shots of the bloggers! His famous tagline would be:

"Wah...handsome-nye yang berbaju (colour of his shirt)" itu!"

Next person is MsXeroz @ Nicole!I have read her blog before her contests because she's a contest-junkie who won both blogging and non-blogging contests! I salute her creativity and "sampat-ness" :P
But truth be told, I am kinda "sampat" as well, and because of that we made such a good combo and even came up with this short video just before leaving Kampung Dorani Homestay on Day 4! Do enjoy the video :D

Now after I mention Nicole, the next person that comes to mind is her best friend, Tian Chad.
He's a full-time blogger who covers loads of events and is too armed with a big DSLR! On a side note, I will always remember why he posed with a finger on his face. No, it's not to look cute, but it's to cover his big pimple for he fears that I wouldn't use Photoshop to eliminate the pimple. lol~~

Then there's Denise, the sweet law-student who was my roommate on Day 1 in Shah Alam :)She's really sweet and has a dimple! Not to mention a little blur at times, but that makes her even more adorable!!!

Jing Yi
was also my roommate for 2 nights while staying in Pyramid Tower Hotel, Sunway!I tried reading her blog posts on the contest, but I can't because it's all in chinese characters!*yes, I am a banana: yellow on the outside, but white on the inside*

Then there's Dania with her fantastic smile!

One of the amusing things about the contest was that there's a couple who joined the contest together! That's the dude: KK!

He's another one of the guys lunging their DSLRs and even a tripod!

Then here's the babe: Chia Li
The two of them are so sweet together! (not me and chia li lah~ I meant KK and Chia li).
While we were mostly doing group activities e.g. running about in Sunway Lagoon, the two of them roamed together, so if you want to know what couples do while in Sunway Lagoon I suggest you head over and have a read on their posts :P

Up next is Spectre! The dude with his specs..
We took this pic because we saw that there's a contest by NewZealand Natural. lol. But in the end I didn't take part in the contest. Anyways, Spectre is a really great guy whom tweets a lot using his HTC smart phone throughout the contest. lol~

Then there's Dylan, the orange banana. Another guy with a big DSLR (I think all the guys own a big DSLR *scary betul*) When I asked him why he called himself an orange banana instead of yellow, he said...something which I forgot *oppps*.. LOL

Next is a fellow Klang-ite! Thristhan!!
That's him with his signature pose: zombie-fied! lol...okay, I am kidding, I think it's supposed to be a hiphop-style-kind-of-pose, but the other bloggers called it the zombie-pose. Haha.

Then there is also Victor!

On first sight, he's really quiet. In fact I think he's the most quiet guy next to Citra. But once I talked to him, I found out a shocking fact: Victor's actually my SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER junior from INTEC, Shah Alam!!! Yes, I am 4 years his senior :S

Next is Max, whom I remember because of his striking shirt which says:

LOL. Amusing t-shirt ain't it?
Upon chatting with him, I found out that he's actually a hardcore runner who joins marathons a LOT! So here's a picture of me and him doing the "running-pose"!

There was also a big bunch of Malay bloggers in the My Selangor Story contest. Prior to joining the contest, I had little exposure to the malay blogging community.

The most striking pair has got to be a mother and son team!
That's Kak Zara and her son Zaid!

Did you know that Kak Zara is a writer for malay novels?! Interesting eh?

Then there's Azuan who gave an interesting three word to describe MySelangorStory:
Monkeys, Nerds and Chicks!

And here's a picture of him and the chicks *perasan*, which I grabbed from his blog.
As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. From this picture itself, I shall tell you what went behind the scenes as the camera flashes went berserk as the chicks posed beside Azuan.

Other than being paparazzi-ed at, there were also "anti-azuan-supporters" going,

"Oi...take pictures with chicks lah! I tell your wife!!"

Those two were Eriqazz (who calls himself great teacher onizuka in his blog) and Abang Ben!
Haha, i'm just joking about the "anti-azuan-fans", those three are in fact rather close to one another, and I just found out that they actually call themselves the "Bujang Lapok Trio!"

I think those are all of the bloggers (except for jac, who dropped out on Day 4 of the contest * i miss you girl*).

To all of you guys,

I would like to say a great big

for being so sporty and fun to be with! I think if it weren't for this group which we had, the contest would have been dull all the way. You guys have all made My Selangor Story memorable and unforgettable to me and I do hope that I too have played a part in making the trip fun for you guys :) May our friendship last!!

LAST but not least, I would like to thank our mummy Amelia being the great organizer of My Selangor Story.
She yelled at us and had MANY MANY sleepless night because of the contest! I do feel really guilty about it, but honestly Amelia, you should get more rest. Your body needs it! Hehe~

Here I would also like to thank the sponsors of My Selangor Story.

Firefly(Official Airline)

Pentax (Official Camera)

Tropicana Medical Centre (Official Medical Centre)

Resort World Genting (Official Resort)

Sunway City Berhad (Official Integrated Resort)

P1 (Official Broadband Provider)

TV Selangor (Official Online TV)

Royal Selangor (Official Souvenir Shop)

Haven Restaurant (Official Restaurant)

Thank You to the sponsors because without them, the contest wouldn't have went on as well.

I have been told my posts are too long, but it's actually because I feel the need to cover all the events which we did, and mention all the sponsors in my posts, as a token of appreciation for what I have received throughout this contest: from the great food, to the great accommodation and the great privileges given to me as a My Selangor Story blogger!

So blame me for writing a wonderful story of my 6 days in this contest......

This is...

My Selangor Story!

Wen Yi

p.s: Please Vote for Day 6 here :)


Dylan Phuah said...

haha! orange banana. its either i gave you the answer or i said 'yi wei shuo yi, xiang jiao ma yi'


ai xin said...

just bit wordy..

btw, happy working in HTAR ooo


WenYi said... la, u didn't tell me that la..i really forgot what u said la...

WenYi said...

haha, thanks ai xin :) wordy meh?

--andy-- said...

I like all the pics and description. U got your own style, write from the heart. Cool.

Eyriqazz said...

nice write up..gonna miss the memory..hik3..we are the bujang lapok trio....oh, i think abang ben the one that's come up with chicks,nerds, and monkeys...nice knowing u even did not get a good chance to know u better...

enjoy and have a nice day...

P/s :word of advice...i think it is better to disable word verification so easier for people to comment..

WenYi said...

andy: thank you for the comment! i really appreciate it^^

eyriqazz: haha, thank you!! owh, it's chicks nerds and monkeys ah? lol, i think his monkeys must have referred to you and abang ben! haha, jz jk :P and thank you for the advice! patutlah u call urself GTO!

Spectre said...

banana wenyi nice to meet u too XD

Michael said...

hey wenyi!

first, you're the prettiest among all the girls (ok, im biased in here... im losing my objectivity because you're my friend, LOL)

second, i like the attitude... you will definitely go a long way...

third, you told me you are starting your job... is this the job you're talking about or you haven't started it yet?

fourth, it's really hard to scroll down with your extremely long posts! hehe

fifth, take care!

Show Me Your Look Today

WenYi said...

spectre: haha, nice to have met you too!

michael: awww..that's so sweet of u^^ (haha, and yes i think ur biased bcoz i'm ur friend. lol) nope, this isn't the job that i'm talking of, i'm a training-pharmacist (not a fully licensed one yet) and yes, i know the post are super long, but yea..

azuan said...

I loike! you got a new fan of your blog and it's me! Hooorayyy!

Sy said...

WAH ! So long post and sorry for commenting so late though like 2 weeks ago liao :P

But nice intro and ending of all bloggers and zhen de , really lonely :x

Till we meet again yah :D

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