Monday, October 11, 2010

Single no more :)

Man. I feel like I've been super busy ever since the MySelangor Story started end of last month!! The 6 days of the trip was GREAT FUN! But within 2 days after that, I started work, and was diligently blogging about the contest as there as deadline to be met :S

In between sleep and work, I tried my best to squeeze time for the 6 posts required by the contest. SO please read and comment on them :)

Day 1 - Kicking off at i-city, followed by a visit to Uptown Shah Alam
Day 2- Knocking the hell out of pewter at Royal Selangor Visitors Center + VIP treatment at Genting!
Day 3 - of waterfalls and a homestay experience
Day 4 - Chillax-ing day at Sunway Pyramid
Day 5 - The fantastic finale
Day 6 - The end does not mark the end of the friendships made

And if you do like them, please vote 5 hearts for me :)


Anyways, if you guys remember I've mentioned previously in my blog (here) that I am still searching for my other half. Well, that has just recently changed :)

*blush...amboi...Wen Yi is shy right now, believable?? :P *

Yes, even more shocking was the number of friends who liked it!! (If only all of them like all my 6 posts for MSS instead >.<) Not to mention the shock when I saw the number of comments which flooded in asking:
"Who's the lucky guy?"

"Where's his pictures??"

Well...the only picture I can give you is this :P

Yup, despite the busy schedule of:

Sleep + work + blogging for My Selangor Story

I managed to squeeze in time for my personal love life :)

So I guess what Ah Ken says:

"Time is like cleavage, squeeze squeeze sure got one."

is true!!

I meant the part about being able to squeeze time out of my busy schedule, not about cleavage lah~~


Wen Yi


The Wanderer said...


~SiMoN~ said...

well.. i'm not gonna congrats u until i see the lucky (unlucky?) guy's photo.. hahaha XD

azuan said...

Congratulations :)

WenYi said...

hehe..thanks dania^^

simon: ish...he's very lucky okay. and so am i :P :P

azuan: thanks!!!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

wahahah!! omg im so excited when it comes to this kind of story! LOL even though i havent got to know u for long, but please let us know who is that guy wahahahah!
anyway, the same thing happened to me when i changed my status on fb and my high school friends were like what? whos the girl and all that. hahaha

kinda nice to have all those attentions =P

~SiMoN~ said...

so, kindie mate, yam-cha this week? sun-bin bring along the "lucky" 1.. c how lucky he is.. haha

Sy said...

Good Lucks Babe and i'm bbbbbaccccckkk from japan but with no DSLR ( Prices about same leh and not much time to survey for it ! )

Good Lucks in your blog post and finally , our fingers deserved a break after the chionging of blog posts ! ;)

Hope to see u soon in other international bloggers' events and good lucks !

youzhuan said...

OMG! love ken's line!

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